Monday, February 26, 2007


Normally I don't let people online get to me...

But today I had to layeth the smacketh down on a closed-minded homphobic Republican... being a Republican myself it REALLY wrankles me when people perpetuate negative stereotypes (intolerance, homophobia, and just being generally judgemental perched atop their ivory towers) This person has claimed in the past she can tell people's intentions/demeanors from reading their hand gestures (thus the first point):
A few points:

1) I know you know that Ellen was pushing her sexuality on the world from reading her hand gestures.

2) I can read bowel movements... yours tell me you're full of shit.

3) Close-minded intolerant people like you make me ASHAMED to be a Republican.... Being a Repblican is supposed to mean getting to know people for who they are as individuals, not making broad sweeping generalizations about them because of their ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or what groups they belong to. There are some people I like and some I don't like... But everyone I either like or dislike I've given a fair chance. They gained or lost my respect on their merits as an individual, not from their ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, or genders. What the hell ever happened to that? Other than watching her on TV, you don't truly KNOW Ellen DeGeneres any more than I do, any more than you know anyone else you criticize from your ivory tower. I don't like nor dislike Ellen-- never met her in person. But if I did, I'd give her the same chance I do everyone. I don't like how she hosted the Oscars last night, but they say that's the toughest gig in showbiz and good or bad I've got to give her props for putting herself out there to at least try...

... and on that note, I'm out.


Snooze said...

Good rebuttal! I am probably more of a democrat, but I love the points you make about Republicans. My father would normally vote Republican and thinks Bush is a complete moron. People like you and my father are not close-minded, and it serves us all well to remember that. I really enjoy reading your opinions.

The Phoenix said...

Hand gestures? She lost me on that one. I mean, the limp wrist thing and homosexual men - I understand.

But PUSHING her sexuality via hand gestures?

Is that like some heterosexual guy grabbing his crotch?

St. Dickeybird said...

You're a good republican.
Unfortunately, your lot get bad press because the loudest mouths are bigotted jerks.
I like you.

Jeff said...

While not a republican myself I certainly see where you are coming from. Many republicans seem to make many generalizations about certain kinds of people. Democrats certainly aren't free of this criticism either. All these stereotypes and generalizations are making America a terrible place to live.

Perplexio said...

Snooze: I voted for Bush in 2000, but couldn't bring myself to vote for him or for John Kerry in 2004. I just didn't feel I got what was "advertised" by Bush in 2000... I ended up voting third party (Libertarian) that year.

Phoenix: She's on a Chicago fan message board. She's claimed in the past that she can tell Peter Cetera has a huge ego by watching his hand gestures on a live DVD... I had a similar rebuttal for her for that claim as well.

Dickeybird: Ain't that the truth! It seems the further on the fringe people are the more loud and obnoxious they get.

Jeff: The generalizations and stereotyping are often focused on our differences, not our similarities. And thus the generalizations cause further divisiveness. America isn't really a bad place to live, just a rather divided one.