Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another excerpt

Here's another excerpt from the book I'm currently working on:

Nikki looks at you somewhat sadly.

“What is it?”

“Well, that’s not exactly a… well when people tell that story it’s generally prettier… happier, I guess.”


“That’s a bit cynical of you.”

“Is it? I don’t think it is really… I mean, do you really think that many people really have a first time that’s THAT special?”

“Well not everyone, but I think a lot of people do.”

“So I showed you mine, you show me yours.”

She playfully punches your arm.

“Hey… we made a deal.”

“Fair enough... Well, I was a bit younger. We’d been dating for awhile. I think we were both sophomores. He went to a different school though. He’d just gotten his license.”

You wonder if it’s anyone you knew or knew of, even peripherally. But you hold your tongue and let her continue.

“He drove me up to Lake Titus. His parents had a camp there. They’d closed it for the winter, so we both knew there wouldn’t be anyone there. Actually can you stop up there at that store. I need to get something to drink.” She motions to a small late night service station just up the road.

You slowly pull into the service station. She starts to open her door.

“Naww, I got this.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” You chuckle to yourself as you walk into the store. Before you know it you’re back on the road.

“Now where was I? Oh yeah, Lake Titus… Thanks for the pop by the way.” She takes a sip, “We were on our way to his parents camp. The roads were a bit icy, and it was close to dusk. And this deer, you know how THEY are. Well he jumped out in front of us. Ja- well he hit the brakes and we started sliding.” She slips nearly divulging his name.

“Anyway, we started sliding out of control. But somehow we managed to drift to a stop. We just tapped the deer. I mean it didn’t even knick the paint… And he, well I think it was a ‘he,’ just stood there staring at both of us for what seemed like forever. Then he ran off as if it had never happened.” She takes a few swigs of her drink, “So we’re both sitting there, our hearts are pounding. I mean it had been a really close call. We both got out of the car and looked it over to make sure it was okay. We were both so glad to be alive. We hugged each other… and before you know it we were ripping at each other’s clothes. I mean we were just overwhelmed and happy to be alive. Before we realized what we were doing he was in me.” She pauses, the look on her face asking herself how graphic she wants to get with me.

“They say the first time it hurts. I suppose it did. Briefly. But not really that bad. And, well anyway.” She sighs, “That was mine.”

“Not that it was a contest or anything, but you win.” You break the mood with a bit of levity.

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Dantallion said...

I'm new to these excerpts of yours. Didn't even know you were writing a book. But I really liked this snippet. Look forward to more.