Monday, April 24, 2006

Love RIP

So, before I met my wife, I knew love twice. I experienced its highest highs and lowest lows... I'd been dumped once before I experienced my first love and yeah it smarted. But I don't think I actually was in love with the first girl that dumped me... Howver the 2nd girl-- much like the Cat Stevens song says "the first cut is the deepest." So, back in 1998, in the throes of a broken heart that literally kept me out of the dating pool for close to a year-- in that year, I didn't really try, I didn't really care... and I wrote this poem:

Love R.I.P.

Love is all you need, Who needs it?
Eternal love? It's pure bullshit
Opportunity knocking at my door?
Too bad, I don't live here any more

Maybe love is blind
Maybe it's just lost its mind
The world is at my fingertips?
On my ass it can place its lips

Loyalty is what I gave to you
Through my back you ran me through
On the day you let me loose
My love was dead, you tied the noose

Now as I let my life go on
My soul feels empty, all feelings gone
You say that maybe love's still there
Nope, Love is dead, but I don't care


LostInTX said...

Excellent heartbreak prose! I think we've all written something like that. Or called the ex in a drunken stooper in the middle of the night and babbled those words.. or so I hear.

Perplexio said...

LostinTX: I did actually at one point share that poem with the lass that inspired it. It was weird because 2 years later we started hanging out again and there was some incredible tension there but neither of us ever acted on it. I was unhappily dating someone else and didn't have it in me to travel down that road again. Nor did I have it in me to cheat and I didn't have the balls to end the unhappy relationship to rekindle the relationship with the ex.

Bar Bar A said...

good stuff. i can feel it. did you see the one i have posted over at layla's classic rock? i don't have the guts to post them on my "regular" blog but maybe someday.

love just sucks bad someitmes. i really hate what i am currently going through.

The Phoenix said...

Reminds me of that scene in "The Wedding Singer" when he starts singing "Love Stinks."

Sounds like you had your heart ripped out. Ouch.

Green Eyes said...

I've written my best stuff at times like this.

My fave line: "On my ass it can place its lips"