Wednesday, September 22, 2010


At the tail end of my junior year of high school I befriended a couple of guys with whom I'd become inseperable in my senior year.  We were on a perpetual quest for the holy trinity-- "Food, sleep, and chicks who touch us where we pee." (to which we once received the startled response, "You want a girl to touch your toilet?!")... if possible to experience the holy trinity simultaenously...

It was determined that this is not only possible, but somewhat likely in the rather un-glamorous setting of a hospital-- (receiving a sponge bath while you're napping with an I-V drip... although I'm still trying to work out how to get the Porterhouse steak pureed enough to go through the I-V without difficulty).

And while my two friends and I were inseperable for that brief moment in time, we did inevitably go our seperate ways...  One of us moved to Maine, another to Albany, NY and then on to suburban Boston, MA and then I left for college in Michigan, and inevitably the Chicago 'burbs (after a brief stint in Northern Ohio following college).

I do still keep in some touch with both of my partners in crime via Facebook but it's not the same... Gone are the days of surreptitiously recording our conversations on a microcassette recorder at 1.2 speed and playing them back at 2.4 speed to create .wav files for use in Windows (I'm really dating myself but I'm talkin' Windows 3.1!), singing loudly and off key to our female friends over the phone (we compensated for our lack of talent with our sheer volume and enthusiasm), playing table tennis using badminton raquettes, and gorging ourselves on Bagel Bites, Pizza Rolls and other unhealthy foods found in your local grocers freezer section.

But I'd like to think that possibly that year still lives on... somewhere there's a computer that chimes in, "Whaddya want now?!" in a thick chipmunk-esque redneck drawl whenever an error message pops up, or maybe there's a gentleman laying in a hospital bed getting a sponge bath from a comely nurse (or at least one that's "his type") while he's napping with a grin cemented on his face so tightly it would take a jackhammer to remove it.

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Voice of Doom and Gloom said...

Wierd. Just this morning I was thinking about people I've lost touch with... Perhaps a phone call is in order today.