Monday, August 30, 2010

The Muslim Community Center near Ground Zero

Among other political happenings, I've been following the "Ground Zero Mosque" issue over the past few weeks.  Honestly I've got mixed feelings about this issue as I can see both sides.

For my fellow right wingers: It's not actually a Mosque, it's a Muslim Community Center.  I thought we were supposed to be champions of the Constitution. The first amendment (it's kind of hard to miss this one) does guarantee Freedom of Religion.  Whether it's a mosque or a community center, Constitutionally speaking-- we should support this.  By fighting this tooth and nail we come across as xenophobic hypocrites.

For those on the left: Whether or not it's acutally legal and Constitutional, it's in poor taste to put a Muslim Community Center that close to Ground Zero.  And say what you will but the choice of location is no more an accident than Glenn Beck's "accident" of giving a speech at the same location of MLK Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech on the anniversary of that speech or the American Nazi Party just happening to organize a demonstration/parade in the predominantly Jewish community of Skokie, IL back in the seventies.  Believing it's just an accident that a site that close to Ground Zero was chosen for a Muslim Community Center shows a level of political naivete that is absolutely staggering.

On one hand, if Muslims truly want us to believe they are benign, that they aren't all crackpots hell-bent on destroying any culture that differs from their own choosing to put a community center so close to Ground Zero shows an insensitivity that betrays that logic.  I truly don't believe all Muslims are crackpots hell-bent on destroying the US-- but those who aren't crackpots choosing to put their community center THERE aren't exactly doing themselves any favors from a PR standpoint. 

On the other hand, by allowing this community center to be built that close to Ground Zero would be an exceptional display of tolerance...  Some of the worst elements of the Muslim faith tried to bring us down, but we're going to show the more peaceful of your Muslim brethren a level of tolerance you attempted to destroy.

I guess my point is I believe both sides have legitimate arguments but rather than actually take the time to listen to one another's viewpoints and try to see things from the other side we've resulted to name-calling, race-baiting, and other generally despicable lowest common denominator practices... It's no wonder this country is so damned divided.


Voice of Doom and Gloom said...

You and I agree 100% on this issue. You beat me to the bit about the similarity with the Glenn Beck venue and timing.

Snooze said...

I know so few muslims in real life, but the ones I do know are not fundamentalist at all. I don't equate a mosque with fundamentalism and think it's great if it were built. I don't think of the terrorists as true muslims anymore than I think of Phelps as a true Christian so I don't really get the controversy