Friday, June 18, 2010

A case of "The Fridays?"

You know that sheen of exhaustion your eyes sometimes get, they feel dry and tired and you're only comfortable when they're closed which is quite unfortunate because the rest of you happens to be wide awake either naturally or due to some chemical assistance?

Yeah that's about where I've been the past two days.  Although yesterday my body was, for some reason, a bit exhausted as well.  I got home from work and my head felt rather displaced.  As if my brain was floating several feet above my body and trying to escape. 

Luckily, I don't get this way that often.  And this morning, while my eyes were begging to remain closed even as my alarm clock was going off, my body did seem to have a little more pep to it than yesterday (perhaps a case of "The Fridays").  So, in the shower I left my eyes closed as much as possible to give them a little extra break.  It was no big deal as I tend to shave in the shower by touch anyway so the rest wasn't much of a stretch.

The thing I like about this time of morning is relaxing my brain and just letting it go off on its own wild tangents.  It's a similar mental state to when you're just starting to fall asleep and your mind is kind of drifting with the mental current.  The big difference being that at this hour you're awake enough to actually remember many of the random thoughts that are being pushed along that river of thought. 

Over the years some of the ideas and thoughts that have drifted through my mind have included:

The Reuben Burrito - corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing wrapped in a  "rye" tortilla (with Carraway seeds).-- I'm still yet to find "Rye tortillas"-- perhaps there's an untapped market here.

NACL - A pro cricket league here in North America featuring teams from the US, Canada and Mexico.  Unfortunately due to cricket never really catching on here, I don't think this one has legs.

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