Monday, February 18, 2008

Survey meme-age Snarfed from Brice

While I doubt I'll have as witty answers as Brice, I'm giving this meme the old college try...

1. You and Jesus go out to dinner - who pays?
I'll pay but I doubt it'll cost much. Jesus has a way of making a little food go a long way. And we could order water instead of wine. JC has that covered too!

2. You suddenly have to flee the country and adopt a new name.
John Jacob Jinglehiemerschmitt (his name is my name too, after all)

3. Pick one state in the U.S. to get rid of permanently?
New Jersey

4. You wake up as the opposite gender. What's the one thing you wanna do?
I can think of any number of things that I'd rather not admit to.

5. Luke Skywalker or Han Solo?
Han Solo

6. Toy you always wanted but never got as a child?
The USS Flagg (a GI Joe aircraft carrier)

7. What's is your relationship status?

8. Are you happy with it?

9. What is the last movie you saw that actually scared you?
The ONLY movie I've ever seen that actually scared me was Rosemary's Baby.

10. Stupidest thing you've ever said out loud?
"Is this stool loose?" (don't ask)

11. You're sentenced to death and its the morning of your execution: what do you want to eat?
A large glass of prune juice, Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal... I want to make sure my executioner has quite the mess to clean up afterwards.

12. What's something that most people do that you've never done?

13. Before you die you want to go to...?

14. What's the last thing you ate?
blueberry yogurt

15. A wild animal you'd like to have as a pet?

a chimpanzee

16. A drug you'll never try?
Unless it's prescribed or available over the counter, I generally won't try it.

17. If you were an animal, what would you be?
A chimpanzee, I'd be almost guaranteed a career in show-biz... Chimps are everywhere! Greeting cards, Careerbuilder ads, Disney movies, BJ & the Bear reruns

18. If you had to marry someone you knew at the age of 12, who would it be?
Considering the gene pool in the town where I grew up, I'd likely opt to stay single. I seemed to have been related to most of the girls I might otherwise have found attractive.

19. What's something a lot of people don't know about you?
Bloody 'ell I don't know!

20. First celebrity crush?
Kylie Minogue (boy did I ever want to do the Loco-motion with her)

21. What's a weapon to suit your personality, habits and abilities?
Lawn chair (according to many concert venues with lawn seating, you're not permitted to bring lawnchairs as they could be used as "projectile weapons" but mysteriously you can rent them once you get inside)

22. Best flavor of runts?
I don't eat runts. So I wouldn't know

23. Favorite breakfast bread style (pancakes, waffles, toast etc...)?
Belgian waffles

24. Favorite parody movie?
My Boyfriend's Back (a zombie teen comedy)

25. Worst way to die?

26. Grossest injury you've ever seen?
There's that scene in Any Given Sunday where the football player's eye popped out. I know it was just special effects but man that was pretty gross.

27. The worst injury you've ever had?
I broke my wrist when I was about 5.

28. Favorite thing about Thanksgiving?
spending time with family.

29. Sport you hate the most?
I'm not much a fan of basketball.

30. What state in the US do you want to visit?
Arizona. I've never seen the Grand Canyon and I'd like to change that.

31. What's something you think would be sweet to know everything about?

32. Favourite Actor/Actress?
John Cusack

33. What's one phrase you absolutely detest?
I can't think of any off the top of my head even though I'm sure there's a whole litany of them that I'm forgetting.

34. What makes an awesome party?
The drunks.

35. What's your favorite material possession?
I don't really have one... you can't take it with you after all...

36. What's something that most consider an insult but you enjoy having said about you?
"He's weird." Yes I am, and I consider it an honour.

37. Favorite kind of dog(s)?

38. Favorite carnival food (everyone has one)?
Fried Dough

39. Morning or night person?

41. Weirdest Ebay purchase?
I've only ever purchased 3 items on eBay, all of them CDs. The weirdest was probably a bootleg of Beach Boy Dennis Wilson's unreleased 2nd album, Bamboo.

42. Life the Universe and Everything.
Don't Panic.

43. Its Saturday at 3am. Where are you?
likely in bed sleeping.

44. Who's your favorite friend to go out with?
My wife.

45. Worst job you've ever had?

46. What's something your friends make fun of you for?
My "dancing" if it can really be called that.

47. Favorite cereal?

48. Book you could read repeatedly?
A Separate Peace by John Knowles

49. What's the meanest thing you've ever done?
No idea.

50. If you were drafted into a war, would you survive?
Depends on which branch and what part of that branch I'd be drafted into. With a college degree I'd like to think I'd have a stab at becoming an officer.


Lauren said...

Very interesting Meme and answers!

Dantallion said...

Weetabix? Really?

Susan as herself said...

Mmmm. I love Weetabix too. I eat them dry, like cookies.

Barbara said...


Even though your NOT a chimpanzee you could be an entertainer. You sure as heck entertained me with these answers...10 followed by 11 - ha!
The only answer that disturbed me was eliminating my personal favorite of the US states! And you know why.
You also chose to visit my favorite country, and again, you know why :)

Perplexio said...

lauren: Glad I could entertain.

dantallion: Yeah, my wife got me into Weetabix. Growing up I used to like Cracklin' Oat Bran and Crispy Wheats & Raisins (do they even make that one any more? It was a General Mills cereal).

Susan: I like mine with sugar or honey and milk.

Barbara: Growing up in NY state there's a natural NY/NJ rivalry that I grew up with, that's where my anti-NJ sentiment comes from. I used to date a girl from NJ and almost moved there much to the surprise of some of my closest friends.

Lauren said...

OH I forgot to clobber you about NJ along with Barbara. It is my home state. I wouldn't want to live there...but I hate when people bash it!

Brice said...

Mmmmm, I forgot about Weetabix.
Then again, I also forgot that I did this meme...