Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fully Clothed Thursday Randomness

Target store brand orange pop. On the can it reads: "Contains natural and artificial flavors." But it also says "Contains 0% Fruit Juice." So where do the "natural" flavors come from? Did they zest an orange into the soft drink?

2) I've come up with 2 new words:
Thesbian: A person who is only sexually attracted to people in the acting community.
Lespian: An actor or actress who works exclusively in homosexual themed theatre and film

3) The new Velvet Revolver CD, Libertad, is pretty damn good! I definitely hear a bit of a Stones influence (Mick & Keith, not Fred & Barney). Interestingly I listened to Libertad and Dream Theater's Systematic Chaos back to back and reveled in both the dirty and raw jangly guitar work of Slash and Velvet Revolver and the much more polished but still hard driving fretwork of John Petrucci and Dream Theater. Listening to the 2 CDs back to back got me to appreciating the wonderful strengths and differences of each band.... Speaking of Velvet Revolver... Did Scott Weiland once have a heroin problem or did Heroin once have a Scott Weiland problem? Discuss amongst yourselves.

4) I really was surprised that Paris Hilton's father didn't run a promotion when his daughter was released... Giving everyone booked at the Paris Hilton on the day of her release a free night. Thus giving a whole new meaning to "Free Paris Hilton."

5) Movie recommendation for y'alls... Return of the Killer Tomatoes. The movie is utterly atrocious to the point where it's actually good. The highlight of the film: a rather young (and mulleted) George Clooney sets up a fake "Win a Date With Rob Lowe" contest passing himself off to several applicants as "the 2nd place prize." Another fun/interesting bit was product placement/endorsements to pay for the movie after they ran out of money (something that was also done in the first Wayne's World -- although somewhat differently, a few years later). John Astin (of Addams Family fame) played the villain and interestingly enough stand-up comic Rick Rockwell (the multi-millionaire from the ill-fated reality TV show, Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire) had a bit part in the movie. Basically it's a pop-cultural treasure trove. There was actually another Killer Tomatoes movie done in the early 90s (The Killer Tomatoes Eat France) with Marc Price (Skippy Handleman on Family Ties) playing the protagonist. The only funny bit about the film was that he was an American visiting France and he lied to the female romantic lead telling her he was Michael J. Fox so she'd be interested. Funnier yet (although quite implausible), she actually believed him.

6) Regarding the bridge collapse in Minneapolis-- I heard some really stupid questions being asked by Wolf Blitzer on CNNlast night-- por ejemplo, "Given the debris in the water, how dangerous are the water rescues?" Oy vey!

It begs the question are the "journalists" asking the questions really that stupid/hungry for their 15 minutes or do they assume the American public is that stupid and feel they're doing us a service by asking rather obvious questions we should certainly already know the answers to because they don't believe we're smart enough to figure these things out for ourselves? Are THEY really that stupid? OR Do they believe WE'RE really that stupid? Are they the idiots or are they really that condescending to insult our intelligence so blatantly? Sometimes it's really tough to tell!


Susan as herself said...

These days I believe Red dye #3 and Yellow #18 are considered "natural."

And may I just say, yum.

BeckEye said...

TV journalists are imbeciles. They'll point that microphone right in someone's face who's just suffered a terribly tragedy and ask, "How do you feel?"

Snooze said...

Sugar is a natural flavour.

I love your idea for the Free Paris Hilton night. That's brilliant.

The Phoenix said...

If it had sugar, it would say "sugar" or "sucrose." "Natural flavors" refer to the MSGs in it - that terrible stuff that makes you crave more bad food.

I love the term "homosexicals" from that movie Chuck & Larry.

Dantallion said...

The Fred and Barney version is pretty impressive. Bam-Bam's drum solo in particular...