Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things I learned on my summer vacation

So I'm back and here are a few things I learned on my summer vacation:

1) NEVER, stay at a Days Inn. No matter how tired, road-weary, or otherwise exhausted you may be. After work on Thursday the 19th Toni & I drove from our home in Aurora to Port Huron, MI... -- about 370 miles. Needless to say we were exhausted when we finally arrived in Port Huron at 2:30 am. We got a really good rate at the Days Inn and quickly learned why upon entering our room... We were sharing the room with at least 12 spiders (who must have been paying the rest of the rate for us-- thanks to me they ended up taking a "dirt nap"). On top of that, there was hair in the sink and when Toni went to shower the next morning the knob on the faucet fell off in her hand... We got maybe 5 hours sleep, and it was by no stretch of the imagination GOOD sleep either.

2) There is NEVER a good time to tackle Toronto traffic. Due to superlative timing on my part Toni & I missed rush hour on our journeys both to and fro but it still took us well over an hour to get through Toronto and we got stuck in bumper to bumper traffc regardless.

3) When climbing a mountain with one's significant other/spouse/domestic partner-- if it is his/her first time climbing a mountain it is NEVER a good idea to think out loud by saying, "There are probably easier mountains we could have gone up for your first time." We also neglected to read the sign at the base of the mountain which indicated it was a 4.5 mile NOT 3.5 mile hike to the summit (as we originally thought). When I signed out in the little book at the base of the mountain (Debar Mtn. for those who are curious) I looked up and noticed we'd hiked 9 miles round trip, not 7 as I initially thought). That being said I'm very proud of Toni for successfully climbing Debar. Her first mountain, was also my first-- I climbed it with my older brother, Kevin, when I was 10. I'd climbed it once since but that was well over 10 years ago and I really did not remember it taking that long or being that difficult of a climb (the last .8 miles is a real doozy).

4) When climbing a mountain in a thickly wooded area, RED is not a good color to wear. I wore a red t-shirt on the climb. And while the Deep Woods Off kept the Mosquitos and Deer Flies away on the way up. I'd sweat most of it off on the way back down and my red shirt was as much as advertising an "All You Can Eat Buffet" for said Mosquitos and Deer Flies.

5) Despite his best efforts, my father's attempt at a Loon call, more closely resembles a coyote or Beagle howling at the moon.

6) When you have a party of greater than 10 it's always best to make sure that SOMEONE has placed reservations. But with 13 people at least 3 different people thought that 2 other people had already done so. The restaurant ran out of pizza bases. But damn those Buffalo Wings were damn good!

7) Canadian paper money is prettier than American paper money. I've known this all along, I was just reminded of it when I purchased a hat in Canada with US currency and was given change in Canadian. The Canuck $5 is especially cool. Love the hockey players on the back!

Oh and Pictures will be forthcoming.


Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Sounds like you had a good time in spite of the few minor issues with spiders, mountains, etc.

Toni sounds like a good sport :)

Snooze said...

Welcome back! The Days Inn sounds just vile.

The toll highway, the 407, cuts all the time out of bypassing T.O., depending what way you are travelling. When I lived in London,Ontario and was driving up to Sudbury, it would take an hour off my time.

Dantallion said...

I hope Days Inn comped your bill.

How does a restaurant run out of pizza bases? 13 isn't THAT big a group.

Glad you enjoyed your time off!

BeckEye said...

Ha ha...Days Inns do suck! Universal truth.

David Amulet said...

I don't recall ever staying at a Days Inn--and now I know why. Thanks for keeping us all safe.

-- david

Awareness said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip Perplex. The Adirondacks are beautiful....

next time, take the 407 over the top of's a toll highway, but if you don't live in Ontario, you never see the bill! :)

ps some Loons can sound distinctly like a Beagle howling at the moon. Those are the loopy Loons found on the dollar coin.