Friday, June 22, 2007

New Words/Terms

I do believe I've come up with a new word/term...

Multi-tasking + Masturbation = Multi-taskerbating

Multi-taskerbating: Doing multiple things at once all by yourself with tremendous personal enjoyment/fulfillment

I suppose this could also open things up to:

Mutual Mulit-taskerbating: Swapping multiple tasks with a co-worker and doing one another's multiple tasks simultaneously

(essentially that 2nd one is "teamwork" but doesn't "Mutual Multi-taskerbating" sound so much more fun? even if it is a mouthful?)

And on only a slightly different tangent--

One of my favorite insult terms/names is "Ass Clown." The other morning when my cobwebby brain wasn't quite awake and I was showering I got to thinking... "What does an ass clown use for facepaint?" And then I had my Eureka moment-- I had just come up with a term that's even more insulting than ass clown... "Ass Clown Facepaint." And I've even thought of other uses for this term.

Instead of:
"You're being made a fool of!"
"Your face is being painted like an ass clown... Ass Clown!"

Okay, I better quit while I'm ahead I'm beginning to see double entendres all over what I've just typed.

So what's the verdict? And what are some of the more unusual/interesting terms/words you've come up with?


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

This word just gives me a visual of a guy sitting at a desk paying his bills or something and using the other hand know.

But it is a cool word, Darrin, you go ahead and use it as needed.

Snooze said...

I like the multi taskerbating. I'm going to employ that in my own world.

BeckEye said...

I too love ass clown.

When I'm really mad, I usually just run a bunch of swear words together that don't really go, to come up with one giant, nonsensical but dirty insult.

One time I guess I was either trying to say MF or son of a bitch and it came out "Mother of shit." For some reason, that one really stuck and I say it all the time now.

Dantallion said...

Mutual multi-taskerbating? Sadly, there's no one in my work place that I'd consider trying that with. Most of them are ass-clowns.