Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Plastic Flowers

So an old sport I know from back in my Ohio days recently put together a short film with a bunch of his new mates-- Plastic Flowers and submitted it to a short film contest sponsored by the Sci-Fi channel. This short is now posted and is up for voting on both the Sundance and Sci Fi Channel websites:

Film name: Plastic Flowers

Here are the webaddresses:

I haven't had the chance to watch it yet myself, but I fully intend to do a solid for my mate, watch it and vote for it once on each of those sites (you can only vote once per site). As a flavor to the lad I'm spreading the word. So give the film a looksie, and if you happen to dig it, toss a few votes its way and spread the word to all the blokes and sheilas you know.


BarBarA said...

I am watching it right now I will give you a play by play....spooky music, black and white film, seems to be the 60's? dude comes in with plastic flowers...girl on floor smoking...never mind there is a remote, it can't be the 60's....

ok I'll shut up.

The Phoenix said...

I'm guessing he's from Austrailia???

Jeff said...

I like how it looks so old but yet it's modern with wireless internet and stuff. Also, a very interesting ending, I don't want to give it away though.