Monday, November 20, 2006

More Deep Thoughts Brought to you in part by Neil Gaiman...

I've been diligently reading Neiul Gaiman's The Anansi Boys and I reached another thoroughly intriguing passage.

The idea was presented that for every person there are only 500 people in the world. That is to say, we're all linked to about 500 people whose lives we pass into and out of, who we recognize. With some of those people this is a blessing, for others-- a curse. But try as we might to avoid them, the circumstances which tie us to those people perpetually bring them into our lives.

What about the other 5 billion people? They're the "extras"-- that's not to say that's all they are, see they have their own groups of 500 people, you're one of their "Extras" after all.

It's an interesting theory, one I'm not entirely sure I buy into. But there have been instances where I've stumbled upon casual acquaintances and friends where I might not otherwise expect to that do leave me thinking... "well... maybe there is something to it."

So, in whose life do you feel you're one of their "500"? For whom do you think you're just an "extra"? Are there people who you believe you're only an extra in their life but you should be more? Are there people in your "500" that you wish weren't? Are there "extras" in your life that you'd like to make part of that 500?

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