Sunday, October 08, 2006

whoops *hic*

So last night we had the in-laws over for dinner. It's the first time they'd been over since we'd had the furniture moved in. We were given high praise for our efforts and all the work we'd done on the place.

Then I made drinks for my mother and father-in-law, Vodka Tonics for the both of them and Gin & Tonics for Toni & I (Toni doesn't like vodka, and while I like it, I just prefer gin). After finishing my Gin & Tonic (far too quickly I might add), I poured myself a vodka tonic... and in hindsight I might have had a bit too generous a hand with the Absolut. Normally I don't really feel it until about halfway through the third drink but damn I was feeling good after that Vodka Tonic. I was just sober enough to realize I didn't want to be as inebriated as I was in my in-laws presence, but I did my best to cover it up.

So, *hic* whoops.


Layla said...

LOL! I know that feeling! Sober enough to know your not sober enough!

Were you able to remain reasonably "normal" in from of the in laws :)

St. Dickeybird said...

I'm normally a G&T man myself. The only time a tried V&T, I apparently ordered a tray of them and wandered through the Mexican pool handing them out to everyone.

Susan as herself said...

I like both V&T's and G&T's... I have a feeling the same thing could happen to me!!!!

Snooze said...

At least you didn't start hitting on your MIL or something or vomit in front of everyone. It's a sign of a seasoned drinker that you knew exactly how to cover it up!