Thursday, October 19, 2006

breaking the silence (or is it the wind)

I've been really busy lately, between the move and things at work. I'm prepping for a trip to Toronto for a regional meeting early next month.

Oh and I'm a huge Mets fan... consideirng it's been six years since they've been in the playoffs and twenty since they won the World Series, I'm quite excited about that.

In other news... I have an awesome wife. I mean, I know... all happily married husbands would say the same, but Toni has gone all out for my thirtieth birthday.

1) She invited my friend Sarah from high school to come out for my 30th birthday party. Sarah booked her flight a few weeks back-- so that's cool beans.

2) Season 3 of Arrested Development-- for Christmas last year she got me seasons 1 & 2. So now I have the complete series (and much happiness!)

3) 2 tickets to see Toto live at the Chicago House of Blues... Yes, Toto as in Rosanna, Hold the Line, and Africa. I'm a big fan and this band is indirectly responsible for my wife & I meeting. And yes I just admitted I'm a big Toto fan (in case you're rubbing your eyes to make sure you read that right). I dragged my wife to see Chicago live once and to see Peter Cetera live once... I've assured her that Toto puts on a much more uptempo and lively show than either Peter Cetera or Chicago.

4) She contacted my family and asked that they spend Thanksgiving at my brother's in Virginia so that we could belatedly celebrate my birthday as a family. Not all of my family will make it but my sister is driving up to Virginia from South Carolina with her husband and 14 year old to celebrate with my brother, his family, and my parents who are driving down from NY state to also join us. So we'll have a partial or at least a mini reunion... On top of that Toni has never met this particular brother of mine nor his family. And this will be my first time meeting my great-nephew, Kevin, who will be just over a year old by Thanksgiving.

On top of that she's assured me that there's something else she's saving for my actual birthday next week.

On another note-- before becoming a homeowner, I was told it changes you and brings you closer to that special someone. I believed what I was told but I didn't fully appreciate the extent to which it would happen. There's less arguing, more cuddling, and our times together just seem that much more special.


Layla said...

I am so glad that I stopped by and read this. Its so encouraging to me to hear a husband talk about his wife with so much appreciation. Does she read your blog (Hi Toni! You rock!).

When is the actual b-day? I don't want to miss out on wishing you a happy one.

The Phoenix said...

Toto!!!! Oh man, that's so cool.

Have a great birthday, whenever the actual day is.

Lucia said...

Wow, you do have an awesome wife! Happy birthday whenever it comes.

Perplexio said...

layla: glad you enjoyed reading it... I got her a little something special today as a thank you for being such a great wife.

phoenix: Toto is awesome, and Steve Lukather is one of the best guitarists out there. Thanks for the birthday wishes, btw.

lucia: Thanks lucia. :-)

Janet said...

I really need to get into buying whole series more. Of course that means I would need roughly a few extra thousand dollars lying around, to spend:)

Bruce said...

What part of VA does your brother live in? JW, because I live smack dab between UVA and VA Tech... Wish I could say I'm sorry about your Mets, but... ;)
And Happy Birthday.. I have one myself this week.

Keshi said...

ur bday next week? When is it? :)


Leazwell said...

Where in VA, generally?

Jeff said...

Wow, that sounds like an amazing birthday. Looks like your a lucky man.

Bearette24 said...

Sounds like fun! And Toto isn't that embarrassing ;)