Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Move

So this weekend the furniture was moved in and our new home is really starting to feel like... well, like home. The kitchen and living room are basically done, other than putting some wall decorations, the master bedroom and guest room are also essentially done. We've got some work to do in our den but overall things are going well.

The next project is finding the best route to commute to and from work. Tonight it took over an hour to get home, but something tells me it would have been worse had I attempted to drive home on the parking lot known as I-88. The drive TO work isn't so bad, about an hour to an hour and five minutes. Not great but certainly bearable and doable. But I'm certainly not looking forward to the winter weather commutes.


BarBarA (aka Layla) said...

Too bad you can't blog while driving!

But you can use that time to listen to music or books on tape.

Hey congrats again on the move! Waiting for pics :)

Susan as herself said...

I hear you on the winter driving---I am already dreading it...

And my daily commute is 90 minutes each way----three hours in the car a day at least! Arggghhh!!!!

Janet said...

Coconut and suntan lotion is like mixing the best of both worlds. Now all you need is a pina colada and you'd be good to go!:)