Monday, August 07, 2006

The weekend

Random non sequitir photo du jour

This weekend was spent moving-- not the wifey & I (we don't close on the new pad for another few weeks), my sister-in-law moving from her parents house in Naperville to a basement apartment in a Wrigleyville brownstone. And by Wrigleyville, it's close enough to Wrigley Field that as we were moving I could hear the crowd singing along to Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh inning stretch. The cheering crowds were also quite audible, which reminded me of a joke I once heard on MTV's Half Hour Comedy Hour (remember that show? apparently, I do if I'm remembering such a random and only mildly humorous joke from it):

"I used to have an apartment near Wrigley Field. It was great, every time I'd have sex to hear a crowd cheering in the background."

Current Music: Franz Liszt - Leibestram No. 3 (listening to this I can't help but think Scott Joplin was heavily influenced by Liszt. I hear the foundations for what would later be considered ragtime music in this piece. But I defer to those more knowledgeable in music history than myself for confirmation)


Susan as herself said...

My first Chciago apartment was third story share on Addison Street, directly across the street from Wrigley Field. But, we faced the backside---the ticket window side---so we couldn't see the action. Still, if we opened our windows and watched the game on TV at the same time, we could hear the time delay perfectly.

The Phoenix said...

Naperville is such a great town...I had a great time walking around during one of their many festivals.

Greg the Surly said...

Thats not a man, thats Chicken Boo

Perplexio said...

Actually that's Feathers McGraw!

St. Dickeybird said...

The Skydome (Rogers centre), home of the Toronto Blue Jays noticed an increase in cheering a few years ago.
The stadium contains a hotel with rooms overlooking the field. Couples were having sex in the rooms during games, and being shown on the Jumbotron!

I'd love to hear cheering while having sex. Hell, I'd love to hear anything but the snoring!