Monday, July 17, 2006


I've decided to hop back upon the old fiction writing horse. The trouble is that the best fiction I write tendds to be largely autobiographical. There's this magazine, Writer's Journal that has contests galore for writers of all shapes and sizes. They have a bi-monthly contest where they supply the opening line and the loyal readers submit stories that use that opening line. In each issue they list the next 3 opening lines and due dates. So I started writing two different stories simultaneously using 2 of their opening lines. The first of which is a tale about a young boy and his kid sister discovering something mysterious in their grandparent's attic. Actually it's not that autobiographical at all. While I did visit my grandparents frequently as a young boy, I rarely ventured upstairs and even when I did it wasn't on exploratory missions. It's also not progressing too well as I'm already stuck. I have good character development but no real semblance of what the hell I'm going to do with the plot.

The other tale is a bit more autobiographical in that it's a tale of one of my greatest fears-- having to move back in with my parents. And it's not just the moving back in with my parents that's so terrifying, it's the idea of moving back to my hometown. For a twist I'm writing it in a Jay McInerney-esque second person which could be unnerving to readers not used to it. That tale is progressing better, but my internal editor is already noticing flaws and while I do see where I'm going with it, I don't see myself getting there within the confines of the contest-- I don't forsee it being a short story. At the rate I'm going it's more likely to end up as a novella. I need to learn to turn off my internal editor while I'm still on my first draft though, otherwise it will end up like so much of my other writings, unfinished and unrealized.


Susan as herself said...

Yeah, shut that editor up. I usually do it by telling my internal editor that he can have his moment of glory later on. Either that or do a few shots of Jack so that Johnny Editor is preoccupied.

Perplexio said...

Susan: I dig your advice, but I'm not a fan of Jack, I'm much closer to Jose, Senor Bacardi, and my Swedish friend, Mr. Absolut. :-)

BarBarA said...

Si, I like Senor Bacardi with my sweet friend Diet Coke. Maybe that's what's wrong with my writing lately, I've been hanging out with H2o too much!

I think all writing is a bit autobiographical, don't you? I mean, we write from who we are and what we know. SO even if it's not ABOUT us, part of us is in it.

I found a great website for wrtiter's the other day I'll email you the link.

Bar Bar A said...

do me a favor- updated your link to Ramble On and please change it to Writing fromt he Inside Out:

:P fuzzbox said...

Good luck on the contests.

Keshi said...

Good luck on that dude!

btw I need ur input in my latest post matey, cos guys r more open when it comes to that :)


Curare_Z said...

Keep us posted on your progress. I agree with barbara that all writing is a little autobiographical...after all, the only experiences we have to relate are the ones we've experienced or know about, right?

Perplexio said...

Barbara: Updated in a MAJOR way (see side-bar) I've also added several of the other blogs I visit on a regular basis that I hadn't yet linked to.

Fuzz: Thanks man! BTW, when are we going to get started on that Porn/Horror screenplay for our mainstream cross-over hit film Snatchsquatch!

keshi: Thanks for the well wishes and I responded to your post. :-)

curare_z: There are also those experiences the voices in our heads relate to us second or third hand. :-)

ink said...

Whether the writing goes anywhere or not, the act itself is still valuable. You are still honing your skills as a writer and artist.

For my part, I don't think I've ever actually finished a story. Started loads of them - I write great opening paragraphs! - but I can never seem to figure out where to take things after the first couple of pages.

Wishing you smooth sentences and even smoother beverages.

Keshi said...