Saturday, June 17, 2006

Perplexio's Ocean Reclamation Project

So, I've been playing this rather addictive strategy game-- Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. It's an older game, but much like any other Sid Meier strategy game it's considerably addictive. All of Meier's games have the same basic template-- build up a Civilization faster, stronger, and better than your myriad of enemies-- all of which are played by the computer. Unlike his Civilization and Colonization games this one is NOT set on Earth (thus the title of the game). But it's got all the same basic bells and whistles.

The nice thing about these games is that they don't rely on fancy graphics (and thus hog up your system memory and/or force you to shell out a few hundred quid/presidential flashcards for a high end graphics acccelerator). The graphics are relatively basic but it does not deter from the overall fun of a game which is essentially the classic board game Risk on steroids.

So, anywho, I was playing this game and my "faction" had developed this weapon. I didn't know much about it, but with a name like "Planet Ripper Missle" I figured it would be a hoot to use (think of giving Napolean access to Nuclear technology but telling him nothing about WHAT it does, only how to use it). I launched said missle at one of mine enemy's coastal cities and the result was what a more positive sort would spin as a "Ocean Reclamation Project" said city and its surrounding area were totally destroyed leaving a new bay on what had become a considerably smaller island.

The results were not so pretty for me either as suddenly all my former friends and enemies ceased contace and grew even more hostile towards me than before. I was the big bully on the block and none of the other kids wanted to play with me any more. Come to that, they were ganging up on me and trying to beat me up-- BUT, as my "faction" was somewhat more advanced the result was akin to primitive Micronesians attacking the US Marine Corps with spears and blowguns and bieng met in retaliation with their full might... It was not pretty.

That being said, this game for all its simplicity is insanely addictive. I've been playing for HOURS and HOURS! It took an insane amount of willpower for me to throw in the towel, save my game, and call it a night... despite my urges to contine playing well beyond 3 am-- which was approximately what time it was when I finally pried myself away from my laptop and turned out the lights.

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The Phoenix said...

Holy crap I love Alpha Centuri!

What I like about the game is all the cool scientific advancements. It's fantastic.

At the same time, I love beating my neighboring faction into submission as well. It's great when they conceede and become your pet.

I'd be weary about using the Planet Buster too. It'll piss everyone off, and make your ocean levels rise.