Tuesday, April 04, 2006

40 Things (courtesy St. Dickeybird)

Snarfed from St. Dickeybird:

1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?
No, not yet. And I haven't even been searched by hot female strippers dressed as police.

2. Do you close your eyes on roller coasters?
Why would I do a fool thing like that?

3. When's the last time you've been sledding?
In the winter on snow? I don't remember. But considering my current and previous cars could both be considered "Ghetto sleds"-- in that sense of the word I "sled" to and from work every single day.

4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?
Do I know the other person? I'd rather not sleep with strangers... If it's my wife, I'd prefer to sleep with her.

5. Do you believe in ghosts?
Everyone needs something to believe in and I believe in ghosts who will buy me another beer.

6. Do you consider yourself creative?
I'm wasting my time with this ridiculous survey, aren't I? :-)

7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife?
No, and OJ is hot on the trail of the real killer. He's narrowed the search down to a small handful of golf courses in Florida.

8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?
Honestly, and call me a freak, but neither of them really does "it" for me. So my answer would be Marcia Cross or possibly Emilie de Ravin.

9. Can you honestly say you know ANYTHING about politics?
yes, Politics is a disease our nation is suffering from. We need to Quarantine Washington D.C. and start out from scratch because both those who are afflicted with the political disease on the right and on the left have regressed to an incurable level of self-absorption and have developed a collective amnesia of the interests of the constituencies which elected them.

10. Do you know how to play poker?
Some forms of it-- 5 Card Stud, 5 Card Draw and I believe 7 Card Stud. But I'm really rusty. I'm much better at Poker when I use a Tarot deck than I am when I use a deck of Bicycle brand cards.

11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
The closest I ever came was getting up at 8 am on a Thursday morning and not going to bed until about 11 pm on Friday night.

12. What's your favorite commercial?
The copy cat commercial with the cat painting a pie graph and saving the guy a bundle on copies. I crack up every time I see it. "That cat's gonna save us a bundle on copies. Aren't ya fluffy?" I also get a kick out of the Dr. Scholl's commercials. I'm gellin' like Magellan!

13. Who was your first love?
The first person I was in love with... Oh, you want her name? Tough bananas.

14. If you're driving in the middle of the night and no one is around, how fast do you go?
Since there is no one else there, can anyone hear me? I'd drive really fast, especially if it were through the forest. But I'd have good brakes for when that tree falls in front of me.

15. Do you have a secret that no one knows but you?
No, but if I actually did, do you think I'd let on that I had such a secret? There are ways of getting people to talk and I don't believe I could survive the rigors of torture to get any such secrets out of me.

16. Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees?
Neither... New York Mets all the way!

17. Have you ever been Ice Skating?

18. How often do you remember your dreams?
I normally only remember my dreams if I don't sleep that well. When I sleep poorly I never sleep deeply enough to forget my dreams so I end up remembering them. When I sleep well/deeply I never remember my dreams.

19. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
I don't remember but I think it involved a horse trying to tell me it was more endowed than I... (j/k of course... it was the horse that was crying... oh and they weren't tears of laughter).

20. Can you name 5 songs by The Beatle's?
Strawberry Fields Forever, With a Little Help From My Friends, Come Together, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and Hey Jude

Now I suppose you're going to tell me some shrink will be able to determine my entire personality with 99.9% accuracy based on those answers.

21. What's the one thing on your mind?
I never have just one thing on my mind. Although at the moment I'm concurrently thinking about how much I'd love to see Dream Theater live again and that my shoe lace has probably re-untied itself.

22. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I never understood this... I thought love was supposed to be blind-- if love is blind, how can there be love at first sight?

23. Do you know who Ba-Ba-Booey is?

24. Why is there no question 24?
I don't know but I believe it has something to do with a Canadian government conspiracy. It's all Stephen Harper's fault!

25. What talent do you wish you had?
Musical. I have no sense of rhythm and my sense of pitch is shaky at best (although it's far better than it used to be).

26. Do you like sushi?
I live and die for spicy crunchy roll!

27. Have you ever narrowly avoided a fatal accident?
Yes. And I'll never wash Ex-lax down with Metamucil EVER again!

OHHHH, not that type of accident!?

28. What do you wear to bed?
Socks, if my feet get cold the rest of me gets cold. Other than that I wear nothing at all. Thus I s'pose I've fallen into the sock gap.

29. Have you ever been caught stealing?

30. Does size matter?
"It's not the size of the prize, it's the motion of the ocean... but with the right combination of both a man can part the Red Sea..."

Ladies I'd like you to meet Moses.

31. Is question 31 also missing?
No, it's right here.

32. Rock or Rap?
Rock... no paper... no scissors...

33. If you could sleep with one famous person, who would it be?
Marcia Cross

34. Do you know anyone in jail?
Not personally, but I do know that there are several people who ARE in jail.

35. Have you ever sang in front of the mirror?
Who hasn't? I was terribly off-key and way out of rhythm... Was it as good for you as it was for me?

37. What food do you find disgusting?
I don't know but that tupperware container at the back of the fridge with the mold growing in it doesn't appear to be too appetizing.

38. Did you ever play, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours"?
See my answer to question 19.

39. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back?
No, if I make fun of friends I have the 'nads to make fun of them to their faces. When I make fun of my enemies that's a completely different story...

40. Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?
Yes, the train was crowded and she was a lot older than I was. I let her have my seat.


Bar Bar A said...

I'll be back to read this later...but for now:

You have been infected with the Indie Virus!

It’s nothing horrible, just a new tag/experiment that’s going around. I got tagged and didn’t want to ruin the experiment so I passed it to you!

The Phoenix said...

funny questions, although a few were a little annoying.

I thought OJ said the killer was the one-armed man.

By the way, who's Marcia Cross or Emilie de Ravin???

:P fuzzbox said...

Marcia Cross is the bomb. Luved her in Melrose and now on DH. She has the whole I could do you, kill you, and still make you like it thing going on.

Keshi said...

great answers Perplexio!

**I believe in ghosts who will buy me another beer.

lol good one!

**I never understood this... I thought love was supposed to be blind-- if love is blind, how can there be love at first sight?

Smart one!

:)Enjoyed reading ur answers...

Bar Bar A said...

Hey there you don't have to do the Indie Virus thing I deleted it.

These are excellent answers - very very fun questions. If I was as witty as you I'd do it too.

I will tell you my answer to number one: Yes, a real one and a hot (male) stripper. Believe it or not the hot (male) occasion was the most embarrasing moment of my life I hated every second of it but was handcuffed to a chair so had to endure it.

Snooze said...

Great answers! I love the one to #40

Perplexio said...

Barbara: I like your entries on your blogs... But what's up with the test pattern you recently posted?

Phoenix: Marcia Cross is the saucy redheaded recovering lush housewife on Desperate Housewives. If not for her I'd probably have grown bored with that show and stopped watching it after the first episode. She's HOT! Emilie de Ravin is the blonde saucy Aussie on Lost (her character's name is "Claire"). I'm a sucker for that Aussie accent-- not to mention she has really pretty eyes.

fuzzbox: I totally agree with you... Plus she's got that fiery red hair... If there's a fire on top there's a fire down below, y'know *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* I used to have a thing for Lindsay Lohan too, then she dyed her hair and lost all her dangerous curves when she went on the Callista Flockhart diet and turned into a toothpick.

Keshi: I'm glad I could entertain you. :-)

Snooze: I'm glad I was able to amuse you... And btw, despite only knowing you on here, I'd gladly stand up for you so you could have my seat on that crowded train too. :-)

St. Dickeybird said...

Lol, great list! I loved #30.

A friend had great lines:
If you can't reach the end of the tunnel, bang the hell out of the sides.
I'm hung like a squirrel, but I've got a tongue like a moose!

Perplexio said...

Dickeybird: Thanks man. My wife once asked me why I always refer to my penis as "Moses" holding back the laughter as I explained it to her was not an easy task.

Green Eyes said...

Enjoyed reading this, you had me laughing quite a bit.

To #22, when you experience love at first sight, love is never blind.

Perplexio said...

Green Eyes: So you're good at sending me to the cold showers and I'm good at making you laugh? ;-)

As for "love at first sight" I do believe in it. It's what parents experience when they first look at their newborn children. I don't believe in "love at first sight" in the romantic sense. "Lust at first sight" on the other hand-- oh hell yeah! I experienced lust at first sight when I saw Kylie Minogue's video for The Locomotion back in 1988 when I was only 11 years old. I knew I wanted to do things to her that I didn't yet know exactly how to go about doing!

Green Eyes said...

Yeah, you're definitely doing a great job of getting me to laugh. Just picturing your 11 year old self getting hot watching her make a train is pretty damn funny!

Did you have a thing for trains?

OK, I guess if you haven't experienced love at first sight, it's hard to imagine it even existing. But, lust at first sight is always a good thing! *wink

Perplexio said...

Green Eyes: I don't have a thing for trains, but I do have a thing for Aussie accents.

Green Eyes said...

I can agree with that, the Aussie on that TLC show, 'Fix it', or something like that, does it for me.

Perplexio said...

Green Eyes: Andrew Dan Jumbo on While You Were Out? I know a few lasses who have admitted to having their panties moistened from watching him!

Green Eyes said...

No,not Andrew. The blonde guy where there's like 5-6 guys and a designer who go in and help someone fix the room that they tried to fix, but could never finish.

Do you know which one I mean?

Perplexio said...

No, actually I don't. My wife & I were on a TLC watching binge back in 2003. The trouble is we watched so much Trading Spaces and While You Were Out that we burnt ourselves out completely on that channel. We rarely watch it any more.

BTW if your other eye is as pretty as the one in your icon, you have a beautiful set of green eyes on you. You can't tell from my icon pic but mine are blue.

Susan as herself said...

I love that "copycat" commercial too. Makes me laugh everytime, and that cat has the cutest meow.

Perplexio said...

Susan: THANK YOU! My wife teases me every time that commercial comes on because even though I've seen it more times than I can count it still makes me laugh. She said, "they made that commercial just for you."

Green Eyes said...

Thank you, the other one is an exact match!

Blue eyes? Light blue or dark blue?

TLC burn out happened to me too. It was good while it lasted though.

Perplexio said...

Green Eyes: They're a medium blue, I guess they're closer to a light blue than a dark blue though.

Green Eyes said...

Sweet. My boys both have blue eyes, one has light blue, the other dark. So many different shades...

Perplexio said...

Green Eyes: How old are your boys?

Green Eyes said...

Sorry, I'm late. 5 and 3 1/2, they're a handful, trust me!

Perplexio said...

Green Eyes: I know they can be. I have 10 nephews 4 nieces, and 2 great-nephews (yes I actually have a nephew who started pro-creating before I did).