Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is anyone else with me on this?

Picture a country bar. On the dance floor are a bunch of line dancers wearing traditional cowboy wear.

Replace the country music with German oompa band music and the cowboy wear with lederhosen...

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Isn't it uncanny?


:P fuzzbox said...

Scary. Now I will have a hard time sleeping.

ink said...

It's a better analogy than you realize. Did you know many Germans have a fascination with all things "Western" for some reason. Think German Country & Western Bar ... scary!

Susan as herself said...

You could also substitute either of those scenartios for a bunch of Irish folks doing a step dance with fiddles in the background... I think this is because what we call "country" music sprang up from the traditional folk music brought to America from a bunch of other cultures via immigrants.

Perplexio said...

fuzzbox: Okay, to help you sleep, picture all those dancers as German barmaidens and instead of wearing lederhosen, they're wearing nothing but pigtails, a little too much make-up, and the smiles on their faces. Does that help?

ink: I actually had read that the Germans have quite a fasciation with the whole country/western culture of the United States. The only thing that would appeal to me about a German country/western bar would be that they'd have REAL beer instead of the watered down malts that pass for beer on this side of the big pond.

Susan: You're absolutely right. There's been quite a bit of a progression from the Irish/Scottish/Celtic folk music to today's country. I don't generally care for country after having it forcefed to me on radio growing up in Malone but I do dig the pre-cursor to modern country, Rockabilly, and I have a particular weak spot for the music of the late Eddie Cochran.

The Phoenix said...

I always thought a lot of the Irish jigging looked like countryfolk having fits to Rockabilly music.

Germans know how to party.