Friday, June 08, 2012

It's 5:15 am You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!

Last night I was sleeping rather restlessly and keeping the wife awake so I relocated to the guest bed so we could both get a decent night's sleep... around 5:15 am I felt a firm and persistent swat against my feet.  As I lifted my head to see who or what was attempting to rouse me from my slumber and there stood my daughter, "Daddy, I want to come to bed with you."

If it were the weekend I'd have no problem with this.  But with my alarm set to go off in about a half hour I wasn't game for such an arrangement.  I knew that when my alarm went off I'd be in the shower and my wife would be the one who would have to deal with this and I wasn't about to do THAT to her.  So I got up and attempted (with tremendous resistance) to return my daughter to her own bed.

Eventually her histrionics resulted in interrupting my wife's slumber as well.  Between the two of us we were finally able to get our daughter back to sleep.

Today's mission-- find darker curtains for my daughter's bedroom.  With the sun coming in through the diaphanous curtains with furious intensity as early as 4-4:30 am it's no wonder that she's awakened at such uncivilized hours.

The alternative: move to a dairy farm where the 5 am awakenings would come in handy for "milkin' time."  Somehow I think new curtains are a considerably more workable solution.

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Jay Noel said...

Yup. Light is our natural alarm clock.

I hope you're doing well. Sorry I lost track of your blog, man.

Jay Noel, aka The Phoenix

(I still write about science, but I also write stuff)