Friday, October 28, 2011

The other side?

Last weekend my wife & I had one of our friends over for dinner. He's a close family friend and our daughter's Godfather. A couple hours after putting my daughter to bed, my wife noticed on the baby monitor so she went up to check on her.

When my wife came back down she was a bit unsettled. She told our friend and I that our daughter had been sitting up in the bed, her eyes were open but she wasn't really awake. She reached under her pillow as if to get something and put her hand out to my wife and said, "Here, he wants you to have this." She then stirred and seemingly woke up said, "Love you mommy." gave my wife a hug then laid down and went to sleep. There was nothing in her hand to give my wife but her tone was a bit too self-assured for a 2 year old and thus it kind of spooked her.

When she was still an infant there were times when my wife would be sitting on the couch holding her and she'd be looking at a fixed point on the wall somewhere behind my wife and smiling and giggling ans if there were someone there causing her to smile and giggle-- someone or something that only she could see. I did witness this a few times myself but it never happened when I was holding her only when my wife was.

I've heard that the sixth sense of children tends to be a bit stronger than that of adults. If its not nurtured the children grow out of it and lose it. I don't know if there's any truth to that and I don't even know that anything supernatural is occurring-- it could just be the over-active imaginations of my wife & I, but still we intend to encourage and nurture this on the off-chance there is something more there. So, what's your verdict? supernatural? sleep-talking? or the overactive imagination of a couple of parents? Do any of you have stories of your own to share?

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TAD said...

Plex: This is unsettling all right, but I think stuff like it happens a lot with kids. My kids turned out fairly normal, but my mom told me once that when I was really young I used to stand up in my crib, point into empty corners and SCREAM! God knows what I was scared of. But I guess I eventually stopped doing it....