Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama releases long form birth certificate

In case you want to see it for yourself:

Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate

I've got to give the president credit... well played, very well played indeed.  And letting Trump take credit for getting him to release it is even more brilliant.  I'm not being sarcastic here. 

To My Fellow Conservatives,

If you didn't believe that Obama was a US citizen he has for several years now and continues to play you for the fools you are.  His release of his birth certificate following Donald Trump's request was a brilliantly orchestrated political maneuver. 

Yes this makes Donald Trump look good.  He was able to do what no conservative pundit and no other GOP potential candidate was able to-- he got President Obama to release his long-form birth certificate.  I bet he looks really good to you about right now.  THAT is just what the President wants.

You may also have noticed that he's been praising Mitt Romney's "Romneycare" in Massachusetts.  I bet many of you aren't too keen on Mitt these days.  Some of you may find him to be a bit too moderate for your tastes.  Again this is exactly what the President wants.

Now is the time for you to either remove your tin-foil chapeau or to steal away to your toolshed for a DIY rectal craniotomy.  The president has just given the GOP two gifts!  He's telegraphed 2 punches-- Who he DOES want to face in 2012 (Donald Trump) and who he doesn't (Mitt Romney). 

Elections are won not by the conservative or liberal bases.  Elections are won by moderate independent swing voters.  Chances are you'll be voting for whomever the GOP nominates.  And I'm guessing most of the folks over at will be either voting for Obama's re-election or whomever runs on the Green Party's ticket.  We aren't the people the candidates are attempting to sway.  As far as they're concerned our minds are made up.  Obama and the eventual GOP nominee (whomever he/she may be) will be courting undecided voters.

Donald Trump is unelectable.  Most of the moderates and independents do not take him at all seriously.  If he were to win the GOP nomination we would essentially be giving Obama another 4 years in office wrapped up with a nice bow that resembles the Donald's hairstyle.

Mitt Romney IS however electable.  Yes, I know he's a moderate.  After all he was governor of that Liberal New England theme park known as Kennedyland (or more commonly referred to as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts).  Massachusetts does not elect conservatives.  In order for a republican to be elected governor there he/she would have to be at least a moderate if not a liberal republican.  I know that some of Romney's moderate views don't necessarily jive with all of your political beliefs.  But do we want to nominate someone whose views may be closer to ours but could not/would not win in the general election (the Donald) or do we nominate someone who actually has some chance of defeating Obama in the general election (Romney)?

Another thing to keep in mind-- even if you agree more with Trump's politics than Romney's.  Donald Trump is a notorious self-promoter.  If he does end up running for President it won't be for the betterment of the country, it will be for his own self-promotion.  Is he really the kind of man you would want running our country?

Just some food for thought!

Your fellow conservative,


Tender Heart Bear said...

What I am looking for in any government position is someone that will not lie to the people. If there is actually someone like that then I will finally vote. For some reason I still have my doubts about Obama's birth certificate. That is because of what his grandma had said. Why would she lie in public about his place of birth. I am sorry if this sounds really nasty but this is how I feel about the whole thing.

Voice of Doom and Gloom said...

I just learned today that McCain was born in Panama - on a US military base. No big controversy there apparently. No big legal wrangling; no taking the issue to court...

I walked with a neighbor yesterday who told me he doubts the certificate is real. No evidence; no research. That proves to me that NO release of any proof will satisfy these people. So, what is the real motivation here?

Perplexio said...

Kevin: The bad news is that no amount of evidence or proof will change their minds. You can't convince these people that Obama was born in Hawaii any more than you can convince certain conspiracy theorists that Bush WASN'T the brilliant criminal mastermind that orchestrated the WTC and Pentagon bombings on 9/11.

The good news is-- I believe that the number of people who still believe that Obama was NOT born in Hawaii is MUCH smaller than the media is portraying it. I listen to multiple conservative slanted talk radio shows and almost every one of them dismisses the "birthers" as being fringe crackpots. When birthers call in they really light into them and call them on the fallacies of their conspiracy theories... or at least they used to. These days few of them even take calls from birthers any more. The only ones that end up on the air are the ones who get on the air under false pretenses.

Perplexio said...

THB: In 2000 my grandmother got very angry with me for denying the existence of my daughters. In 2000 I did not have any daughters. I was not married. No girl I had ever dated had ever even been pregnant. I can't speak for Obama's grandmother's mental acuity at the time the remarks were supposedly made... I never heard her make the remarks and honestly I'm even a little suspect that she did. Even if there's a recording of her saying this somewhere I would call her mental state at the time of the remarks into question... but that's just based on my own experiences with my late grandmother.

I don't doubt that Obama was born in Hawaii and never have. While I did vote for him in 2008 I don't consider myself a supporter of his. I just think there are far more pertinent things to focus on than his birth certificate.

Focusing on Obama's past right now is a mistake. We need to focus on the present and future there's plenty going on right now that's cause for concern.

Our former President Reagan asked the country in 1984 if they were better off than they were in 1980 when he'd first been elected. Most Americans were and thus voted for Reagan's re-election.

We need to ask ourselves-- is our country better off now than it was in 2008? Will it be better off in 2016 if we re-elect Obama or might it be better off if we give someone else a chance to try something different?

Mark Juric said...

I don't believe the question "Is the country better off than it was" is even relevant anymore. It hasn't been, since 2004, and to a lesser extent 2000.

The moderate or independent voter is a myth perpetuated by pollsters. This is a country at war with itself and the only goal of that war is control of the government for the ruination of the opposition. How do you not choose sides in a battle like that?

I'd like to think it's not hopeless, but I see no evidence that it's not. You've got a base of Obama supporters who have put up with 4 years of people hating and undermining even before he came into office. If he loses, they'll work just as hard to undermine whoever is elected. If he wins, the haters hate will intensify, and they'll redouble their efforts to make sure nothing gets done. It just gets worse every election.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I understand what you are saying. I had the same problem with my grandma. In that point I do agree with you.

It is true that we have to focus on the present and the future. I was just letting you know what I have heard.

To me Obama is doing the best he can do. It is hard to do what is right when other people are telling you to do something else. Then telling you that is the right way you should do it.

Like I said just letting you know what I have heard.

Perplexio said...

Mark: It's funny that you say that the moderate/independent voter is a myth perpetuated by pollsters. One of my conservative friends has said that moderate/independent voters don't exist.

This is quite a surprise to one of my brothers as he self-identifies as an independent voter and while I am a registered Republican I do consider myself a moderate Republican. In the past 2 presidential elections I did not vote for the Republican candidates at the top of the ticket. I voted Libertarian in 2004 and for Obama in 2008 (I not only didn't support McCain at any point in the primaries I was vehemently anti-McCain throughout the election cycle. It would have been hypocritical of me to suddenly start doing so just because he'd won the nomination).

Although when I looked in the mirror this morning my reflection was absent-- so you and my conservative pal may be onto something. ;)