Friday, March 04, 2011

Train wreck but will there be any survivors?

It's been suggested that there's a general lack of sympathy for the women that Charlie Sheen leaves in his wake, that they're viewed as "disposable women" or gold-diggers, etc. because of their backgrounds or professions.

There is truth there.  I believe the public that has been so enraptured by the circus of Charlie Sheen's life does show a general lack of sympathy for the women that Charlie Sheen has "used" and "discarded."  And evidence would indicate he certainly views those women as "disposable."

I do believe that many people likely do view the women as "disposable."  Where I part ways with the above logic, I don't believe for a second that the women in Mr. Sheen's life are viewed the way they are because of their backgrounds...  Of course the women in his life have those backgrounds-- those are the kind of women he goes out of his way to attract. 

I believe these women are viewed as disposable not because they're struggling actresses who appear to have latched on to a "bigger star" to help propel their own careers or porn stars, or anything of the like... These women are being viewed as disposable because they got involved with Charlie Sheen.  I believe the public would be just as unsympathetic to them if they were college professors, rocket scientists, or corporate executives. 

Given Charlie Sheen's history as an actor-- his reputation with the ladies is not new and his reputation is also well known.  That is to say any woman who chooses to get involved with him in the first place-- there's a bit of caveat emptor.  If you don't want to be burned, keep yourself out of the bonfire!  The lack of sympathy for these women is rooted in their not only avoiding the bonfire that lays waste to most of the women he has involved himself with but running into it headlong and staying in it long after they discover that "Hey, this fire's pretty hot!  Why is my skin bubbling?!"

I guess what it comes down to-- people tend to understand their own genders better than the opposite gender.  This is a phenomenon that happens with both genders: 

To any guys who are reading this how many of you have either ignored the warnings of your moms, sisters, female cousins, and/or friends and ended up getting burned by a girl/woman you were warned about by at least one of the women in your life or know of someone who has? 

And ladies, how many of you have ever been hurt by a guy whom your father, brother, grandfather, or some other male friend or relative has warned you about or know of someone who has?

What sets Charlie Sheen a bit a part in this regard is that not only do us guys realize the type of guy he is...  I'd argue most women do too... and I'd even go so far as to argue many of the women who might otherwise be duped by his charms were he not so well known understand what type of guy he is! 

"But I can change him!"

Ladies-- he's what?  48?  You can't teach an old dog, new tricks.  Your chance passed long ago.  You didn't get to him soon enough.  That window closed decades ago.

In the end I understand the media spectacle that is Sheen's life right now.  I understand the public fascination with it.  But I'm sick of the gaper delays already.  C'mon people, move along there's really nothing more to see here!


Jessica D'Amico (JeDa) said...


TAD said...

Plex: I admit I haven't been watching that closely, but aren't these women hanging out with Charlie for the party? The money, the drinking, the drugz, etc.? Who -- other than his ex-wives & maybe his kids -- is talking about being hurt here? I don't hear anybody claiming they were gonna try to change him -- just the opposite.
CNN's Piers Morgan had a different take on this after interviewing Sheen -- he said Charlie has the right 2 have a good time, & just how Puritanical are we all gonna get about this? Charlie can pay for his good time, there are women who want to go there with him, etc. Oh, to be cursed with these problems....
I know Sheen has a history of addictions & violence. But other than himself, who's he hurting? These women are all grown-ups....
LOTS of "normal" people have out-of-control lives & make bad choices EVERY DAY. But the news media doesn't watch them constantly & they don't have their kids taken away after a week of overpublicized Bad Behavior....
Just because I wouldn't (or couldn't) do it doesn't make it Wrong. Sheen hasn't been arrested for anything (yet) -- not even for his own safety.
I'm kidding a little here. & maybe when the train actually wrecks I'll feel differently. Right now I'm just kinda amused that this guy's getting so much attention 4 leading what seems like an almost "normal" Hollywood life. The pressures of being paid $2-million per show must be REALLY tough....

Mark Juric said...

No one starts smoking crack hoping to become an addict. "That's not going to happen to me," are the famous last words of everyone who's ever picked up the pipe or cooked a needle. Charlie Sheen is a dangerous drug. He's said so himself. Adults don't take the decision to take a hit of something that might get you shot in the arm or threatened to have your head cut off and sent to your mother in a box lightly. And if you do, once the high wears off, you've got no one to blame for the bruises and burns but yourself.