Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The wee munchkin is cutting teeth again.  As has been the case on previous ocassions she's developed a hint of a cold/mild fever.  Last night she was suffering from some pretty serious sinus congestion.  As a pacifier user that made for some serious sleeping difficulties.  The poor little spudlet was awake at least once an hour every hour through the night.  The wife & I took turns on getting up to settle her back down. 

This morning while I was getting ready for work my wife brought her in and put her on the bed next to her.  My wife told me later on that Sami woke up briefly about once every twenty minutes fussing before falling back asleep... she did that several times until about 8 am.  When her head popped up like a jack in the box.  She looked at my wife and said, "Hi Momma!"  And at that point there's no use in trying to get her back to sleep.  She's up and ready to start her day!

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Dan said...

A little brandy should do the trick.