Monday, August 16, 2010

Life imitating art?

This weekend I experienced an instance of life imitating art somewhat-- no I didn't find myself in a well lit corner diner nor did I spend a Sunday afternoon on the Isle of Le Grande Jatte.  No my experiences more closely resembled the events of my Premonition writing exercise

I was at Home Depot with my daughter.  I often bring her with me on my weekend errands just to give my wife a break and because I like having the little spudlet around.  So we were looking for a new screw for the knob on our closet door.  For some reason the screw for that particular closet door was/is about an eighth of an inch too short.  So the knob never screws on tight and we're constantly pulling it off whenever we go to open that closet door.

So I have an associate helping me find what I'm looking for and I'm pushing my cart with one hand and holding my daughter in my other arm (she was getting fussy in the cart so I picked her up-- possibly a bad idea on my part...  but she has Daddy wrapped around her little finger).  Then I feel my left leg getting wet and notice that the little munchkins diaper had leaked.  So I thanked the associate for his assistance, went and paid for my other purchases (one of which was a bottle of Sprite that my little sprite had been playing with before I'd removed her from the cart).  So I get out to the car put my daughter in her car seat, get in the driver's seat and open my bottle in a re-enactment of Mt. Vesuvius vs. Pompeii...  Suddenly not only were my shorts stained by my daughter's "leak" but my shirt, the steering wheel, and the driver's seat were also awash with Sprite. 

When it rains, it really does pour.

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Jessica D'Amico (JeDa) said...

aww the little spudlet, that's very sweet nickname. But sorry to hear about the mishaps. They happen so we can appreciate the smoother moments ever so much more! You'll be able to laugh about it and use it as blackmail when she's a teen! ;)