Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Human bones = teething rings?

My daughter is part vampire or perhaps zombie or cannibal... or maybe my clavicle and collar bone are actually teething rings.  If she develops an inexplicable unwavering desire to shop at IKEA I'll know she's a zombie (it's an obscure Christopher Moore reference-- read The Stupidest Angel for full explanation).  If she develops an addiction to Spam-- well that would indicate cannibalistic tendencies (another Christopher Moore reference-- read Island of the Sequined Love Nun for full explanation).  But she hasn't shown an aversion to sunlight and she's been sleeping through the night since she was about 6 weeks old so I don't think she's a vampire.  I am concerned that once she's learned to walk and is out of her crib I'll wake up in the night in extreme pain and find her gnawing on my shoulder like a dog to a nice meaty bone. 

The one thing I have learned is it's rather difficult to discipline 10 month olds.  She laughs at my wife & I when we tell her "NO!" And she's got that adorable grin that is just too infectious so we end up laughing at her laughing at us... a vicious cycle. 

She has started solid foods, but I'm really hoping that she doesn't have any plans to add "the long pig" to her personal menu (again read Island of the Sequined Love Nun for further explanation).

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Barbara said...

You're funny :)

Ahh yes, discipling a 10 month old! I can hear the giggles. They really are irresistible at that age. I can't believe she'll be a year in two months!? Are you kidding me! Wow.