Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March For Babies

Last year-- June 1, 2009, my wife gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl, Samantha. Samantha was a very healthy baby but not all couples are so lucky. One of my brothers has 2 children that were premature births (a son, Trevor, born 4 weeks early and a daughter, Katie, born at 7 months), and another of my brothers had a little boy, Jeremiah, with Downs Syndrome, Congenital Heart Disease, and the poor little guy's heart only had 2 of its 4 chambers. Luckily both Katie & Trevor survived. Trevor is 21 and Katie is 18. Sadly, however, Jeremiah died in 1995 at just over 18 months old.

My wife & I may decide to have another child in a few years, once Samantha is a few years older (the thought of having 2 children in diapers simultaneously is not an idea that appeals to either of us) and given some of my family history we may or may not be as lucky the next time around as we have been with Samantha. With all of this in mind both my wife & I have decided to do the March of Dimes March for Babies:


Snooze said...

That's awesome. You are such great examples for your daughter.

Barbara said...

This is such a worthy cause! I wish I could donate to you but as you know I am unemployed with zero income. I hope you get your goal.

I hope you have another one some day!! You make cute babies!