Friday, January 29, 2010

Sammie's favorite toy/Burning the Midnight Oil II: Still Not Tired!

So one of my daughter's favorite toys is Daddy's face. She loves the putty like stretchability of my cheeks, and those lovely handles on the side of my head known colloquially as "ears" and my nose... don't even get me started there.

She squeals with delight as she stretches, bends, and twists my facial bits.

Due to taking a later afternoon nap than usual she was burning the midnight oil again last night. She did not want to go to bed. I told her the story of Hansel & Gretel (as best I could from memory), I read her a couple of her books, I even sang her a lullaby (an actual lullaby, not my old standbys: neither Lola by the Kinks nor John Jacob Jingleheimerschmitt) but she wasn't having any of that. So I let her play with her favorite toy for a bit, I tried to get her to lay down, I tried turning out the lights... none of it was working.

Finally my wife & I put her on our bed between us and turned out the lights... at that point it became a race to see who would fall asleep first-- her or us. She was more tired than she realized and was out within a few minutes.

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drewzepmeister said...

Posts like these put a smile on my face, reminding me of my son when he so little. :) Enjoy your moments with Sammie, the fun is getting started!