Monday, October 12, 2009

Good enough for government work...

The expression "good enough for government work" was once considered to be a compliment. It recognized the high quality of products commissioned for the US military serving in World War II.

Over time the expression has taken on a considerably more negative connotation. These days it's a disparaging term that reflects shoddy, half-assed quality.

And yet we, as a country, continue to allow our government to have more and more power and increasingly more influence over/control of our lives.

Good enough for government work:
The USPS: Currently forecasting a $7 billion deficit. They are pondering cutting service from 6 days to 5 and closing over 400 post offices nationwide. Congress is also debating delaying $4 billion in payouts to retired postal employees as a stopgap measure to shrink the budget shortfall.
IRS: Do you understand the US Tax code? Neither do I. On the flip side they do keep thousands of accountants employed deciphering the tax code and doing our taxes for us so we don't have to decipher the tax code.
Department of Education: Despite a tremendous influx of cash with "No Child Left Behind" test scores are still falling. Incidentally I believe this is a failing of administration not of teaching. I have nothing but the utmost respect for most teachers as teaching is one of the most difficult and thankless jobs to have.
DMV: Take a number, get in line to take another number to get in a different line. Repeat ad infinitum.
Medicare: Congress is currently considering measures that would drastically reduce Medicare coverage. As it is some doctors have stopped accepting Medicare as the government is not known to pay doctors in the most timely fashion. If doctors aren't getting paid, chances are they'll start seeking employment elsewhere (either through career change or relocation).

Isn't it about time we started asking for BETTER than good enough for government work?

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