Tuesday, September 01, 2009

HR 2520

Since there is sparse to nil coverage on the Republican sponsored health care bill (yes there is one)-- in the interests of full disclosure I wanted to share with my readers. Please note the date on HR2520-- May 2009... This is not a new bill. I realize the Republicans have a minority in Congress but I believe the American people deserve to be presented with both HR2520 and HR3200:

HR 2520

And the aforementioned (in my most previous post) much more widely publicized Democratic bill:

HR 3200

Unfortunately due to my daughter's Christening and my parents upcoming visit I haven't had the time to continue reading HR3200 (as riveting as it is). I have skimmed over a summary of HR2520 and from what I've read thus far, HR2520 shifts much of the responsibility for health care reform to the individual state governments. Given some state governments this could be a good or bad thing. But the fact does remain that our country was founded with strong state governments and a weak federal government. I will concede that there are arguments both for and against perpetuating that model but that's a much more philsophically macro discussion for another time.

I'm also fed up with being portrayed as being against health care reform just because I'm against HR3200. Health care reform is most definitely needed. There are flaws in the system, I can't and won't even try to deny that. I believe THAT is the common ground that most of us Americans have. Most of us believe in the need for reform. The schism remains on what kind of reform and how that reform should be implemented. Should it be government driven or market driven? Should it be driven by the public sector or private sector? The Federal government or the state governments?

These are all valid questions worthy of discussion-- however a majority of our elected leaders in Congress would have us believe that it's HR3200 or the highway. We can take it or leave it. But if we leave it, that's it-- no other options for reform.


The Phoenix said...

Congrats on the christening of your girl.

I don't get this all or nothing attitude. A vast majority of those opposing HR3200 are actually in FAVOR of reform. They just don't like what's put in front of them.

And what's up with Pres. Obama addressing the schools for a 2 hour TV presentation? Asking kids to write essays on how to help him. It's crazy.

Perplexio said...

I think it's based on the incorrect rationale that the citizens are servants of the President/government. The government is the servant of the people. It's not about us serving the president. It's about the president serving us.

I understand what the president is trying to do and in some ways I applaud his drive to promote volunteerism and a sense of civic duty/civic pride/etc. It's more his methods I don't agree with. If he framed it as Americans serving each other, our fellow Americans I don't think he'd be facing the resistance to his message that he has. It's when he frames the civic duty as a way of serving him-- that's what people have problems with.