Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Questions for Senators and Congressmen/women

Before I entrust the US government to positively and efficiently reform health care I would like to ask a few questions-- these are open to any and all senators and representatives-- regardless of whether or not they support the current health care plan:

1. How many years of experience do you have working in the health care industry?
2. What about your background makes you eminently qualified to understand the health care industry in such a way that would give you the necessary insight to positively and effectively reform the problems that currently exist within the industry?
3. What guarantees can you provide that any of the health care plans currently floating around the halls of the US Capitol Building will work effectively and efficiently?
4. How much have you collected in campaign contributions from representatives of the health care industry?
5. If Obama's health care program is as good and effective as is claimed by many of your colleagues-- are you and your colleagues willing to be put on the same health care plan as the rest of us?
6. The government already has dipped their toes in the health care industry with Medicare. There are now proposed cuts to both the Medicare and also the Social Security program reducing coverage to people who depend on both. If the government is having to reduce those programs-- how can we, as a country, afford a Universal Health Care system? Who will pay for it? and how will it be paid for?
7. President Obama has mentioned a "public option" and certain senators and representatives have used the term "single-payer system"-- these terms imply a government run health care program-- if that truly is not the case could you please, in the simplest terms posssible, explain who would control and be responsible for either a public option or single-payer system if it's not the government?
8. If a public option were available, how would private insurance companies remain competitive in the marketplace?
9. What has Congress done to earn the trust of the American people? Please cite specific examples of why the American people should trust Congress with the reform of our health care system?
10. During his campaign Obama spoke of bipartisanship and working with leaders in both parties to achieve goals that would benefit the American people and would carry the support of the American people. Lately I've heard scenarios from leaders in Congress in how the current health care reform package can be passed without any Republican support. What happened to the bi-partisanship?
11. There's been a marginalization of the opposition to the government's program on this issue-- do you honestly believe the opinions of those who oppose Obama's health care plan are less valid than the opinions of those who support it? If so, why?

These are MY questions. I've received no email from and had absolutely no contact with any lobbyists in any industry. I haven't been spurred to action by anyone other than myself. I'm asking these questions out of genuine concern for myself and my family-- not because of anything I've heard or seen on FoxNews (which would be difficult as I rarely-- if ever-- watch FoxNews)-- not because of anything I've heard on TalkRadio-- again difficult as I work all day with no access to radio except on my morning and evening commutes.

I'm not yelling, screaming, hollering, kicking, or punching my way through a townhall meeting. I'm asking as a concerned American citizen to an elected official. I've given you the courtesy of civility and basic human decency and would appreciate the same in return.

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The Phoenix said...

Excellent questions - questions we should all be asking. Couple things to note:

1)The Federal Govt. has dipped its toes into healthcare as both insurer AND provider. Case in point: the VA. If anyone has ever worked with the VA, you will know what a horrible system that is. I don't think I want the govt. to be involved with healthcare at all.

2) Healthcare reform is so sweeping, personal, and it touches everyone. To pass reforms WITHOUT bi-partisianship would be simple be a preface to what would become a very UGLY situation. I'm talking riots and stuff.