Monday, February 16, 2009

More Daddy Practice

Over the weekend I was able to get in a bit more Daddy practice. Friends of the wife & I had a small birthday party for their 2 year old son. Since I showed up a little before my wife I had the pleasure of hearing the little tyke asking for my wife, "Uncle Toni." Kids are cute at that age. I also had a blast holding and making funny faces for his 3 1/2 month old sister.

After he opened his presents, I got down on the floor and played with his toys with him. Something tells me, when my little one makes his/her big debut, leaving for work in the morning will be much harder for me. Not just because of the lack of sleep, but because leaving a little cutie like that can't be easy. I still remember visiting my sister and watching me niece's eyes light up when her dad would get home from work. My sister would say, "Daddy's home!" and my niece would just start glowing. And to think now she's a junior in college... this is going to make me sound really old, but they really do grow up too fast don't they?

Well I'm off to another appointment with the wife at the OB (not to be confused with "The OC"-- my wife's doc looks nothing like Mischa Barton), let's see if we can continue to resist the urge to find out whether we're having a little boy or girl...


Awareness said...

You will soon gain a much more deeply felt understanding of what it means to have your heart melt.

When is the baby due?

Perplexio said...

Awareness: The baby is due June 6th.