Friday, January 02, 2009

Tastes of Fatherhood...

Much like the free cheese samples at my favorite grocer, I found myself wanting more of the real thing....

Yesterday, Toni & I went over to visit with friends and watch the Winter Classic on their TV. It also allowed me to get in a little "Daddy Practice" with their 2 month old daughter and 22 1/2 month old boy.

Their daughter mainly just slept in my arms and coo'ed a bit and made funny faces at me after she woke up, but I absolutely loved every second of it! Their son is absolutely adorable. He's very well natured, always smiling. He refers to me as "Dare-Bear" or "Uncle Dare-Bear" (his parents call me "Dare-Bear" and it's just kind of stuck with their kids too). When he woke up from his nap and came downstairs and saw me he grinned ear to ear and ran into my arms to give me a huge hug.

I know fatherhood isn't going to be all fun and games. I know at times it's going to be downright frustrating. But these little tastes I get of fatherhood with my friends' kids-- well I still can't wait. Because I know with parenthood, it's going to be so worth it. Holding that baby girl and playing with that little toddler felt so natural and right to me. I just can't wait until I get to do those things with my own child.

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