Saturday, December 13, 2008

The state of the state

I live in a state known largely for its political corruption. Graft is the oil that greases the wheels of the city government of Chicago and the state government of Illinois. To say the state's current governor is an ass-hat is a statement of the obvious, after all this entire state is an ass-haberdashery. But even so, the brazen nature of his narcissism, and his continued refusal to resign his post is a new low, even for this "hive of scum and villainy." And Obi Wan thought Mos Eisley was bad, but the state of Illinois would make the members of the Cantina band blush.

What's not surprising to me is Mayor Daley's lack of surprise at the blatant corruption that exists in this state. Corruption makes the wheels go round and round. It's kept the city and state governments moving for over 100 years. Why should anyone expect any different from the current gubenatorial administration?

The trouble is, despite keeping things moving forward-- a corrupt government is a tremendously inefficient one. Blagoievich is the tip of the iceberg. And, while other politicians in this state may be just as or even more corrupt than Blago, he certainly takes the cake for being so overt in his wily snake oil senate seat salesmanship.

I just hope that even after the current Asshat in Chief gets to share some real estate with our former Asshat in Chief (George Ryan) that Patrick Fitzgerald continues to clean up the corruption in the city of Chicago... After all it's the corrupt politicians that get churned out by the city that often end up running the state. If he can continue his due diligence to clean up the city, the rest of the state will surely follow.

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Awareness said...

Truly a class act...! Have been watching from here!