Monday, October 20, 2008


I'd like to thank all those who offered their congratulations on my impending fatherhood. To say I'm excited would be a gross understatement. I'm completely overwhelmed with joy at the idea of fatherhood. I still find myself tearing up with pure joy at the mere thought.

So the wife & I have been discussing possible names for our little one:

Here they are in no particular order:

Charles: German - Manly, Well loved
Benjamin: Hebrew - Son of right hand; wonderful boy
Liam: Irish - protective, handsome
Owen: Welsh - well born; high-principled
Alexander: Greek - great leader; helpful
Alister/Alistair: Scottish - strong leader
Duncan: Scottish - spirited fighter
Nicholas: Greek - winner; the people's victor
Nathaniel: Hebrew - God's gift to mankind
Samuel: Hebrew - Man who heard God; Prophet
Tyler: English - Industrious
Collin: Scottish - Shy

Gwendolyn: Welsh - mystery Goddess; bright
Bronwyn: Welsh - White breasted
Teagan: Irish - Worldly; Creative
Samantha: Hebrew - Good listener
Rebekah: Hebrew - Loyal
Chloe: Greek - Flowering
Gabrielle: French, Hebrew - strong by faith in God

For a boy we've as much as decided on a name, however we have some friends who had a boy and waited a day or so to decide whether or not he looked like the name they had chosen. If we have a boy and the little guy doesn't look like the name we picked we'll pick one of the other names that we feel he DOES look like. If it's a girl, we haven't yet decided for sure although both Bronwyn and Teagan are close to the top of the list. But again, I think she'd have to look like a Bronwyn or Teagan for us to give her either of those names.


The Phoenix said...

Bronwyn means "white breasted???" I had to do double read-over there.

A lot also depends on your last name. If you want the name to sound rhythmic, then you have to pair the names correctly.

If your last name is one or three syllables, go with a two syllable first name. If your last name is two or four, the first name is supposed to be one or three syllables.

I have 2-2, so there's sort of a rhyming rhythm.

I guess my parents weren't very musical.

Susan as herself said...

I know someone who has a girl named Gwendolyn. And I have always been partial to the name Owen. I am sure you will choose something perfectly suited.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

You are two cute waiting to see if the baby looks like his/her name. I can understand that, but its still kind of funny since newborns really don't give you much indication of what the "final" look will be.

I like ALL of these names. I had Lia picked for a girl and Daniel for a boy but switched to Keven at the last minute and it fits him perfectly.

Awareness said...

Wonderful names!

We put our fav. name choices up on the fridge for a couple of months in order to let them simmer in our minds on a regular basis. Eventually we crossed them off one at a time.

When my son Max was born (his first and middle name are Maxwell Anderson.... he didn't look like a Max. He looked like a Brian! It wasn't even a name we were considering. I kept looking at him in my arms and kept thinking...Sweet Jesus, this baby looks like a Brian!! ("Blessed are the cheesemakers" quotes just came to mind!! hahha) wasn't too long that my Maxwell turned into a true bright light Max. He is irreverently funny, and unique. His name fits him like a glove.

Same with my daughter, Martha. She is surrounded by Emilys and Katie's and Rachel's and Sidney's. There are no other Martha's around her. She owns her name. It suits her as well.

So, what am getting at? It may take a while before your choice in name finds a home with your baby.

No matter what, it's fun to be planning and thinking about it eh?

Perplexio said...

Phoenix: My last name has 2 accepted pronunciations-- 1 with 2 syllables, 1 with 3... So what would you recommend now?

Susan: Gwendolyn has fallen off the list. We both like it but my mother-in-law's mother was a Gwendolyn and for personal reasons she's asked that we not name a daughter that (although it may end up being a moot point). Knowing the reasons/circumstances-- we're opting to respect that wish.

awareness: But rememeber, "The Cheesemakers" are merely a metaphor for manufacturers of dairy products in general. ;-)