Friday, February 01, 2008

Random thoughts

Have any of you ever seen an actor in a movie where he/she so owned the role and the overall performance that you have a really difficult time separating the actor from the role/performance? Any time you see that actor/actress in anything else you still picture them in that one movie where they WERE the character because they so owned the performance.

The first movie I ever saw Don Cheadle in was Boogie Nights and after that film for the longest time any time I saw him in any other film I just pictured an African-American porn star who loved country music and whose life ambition was to sell stereos...

Well last night it kind of happened again while I was watching Lost. There was a scene where Hugo Hurley (Jorge Garcia) was being interrogated by this detective (Michael Cudlitz). And I instantly recognized Cudlitz from his small role in Grosse Point Blank as Bob Destepello. I suddenly pictured a drunk guy reading poetry to John Cusack. And I realized anything I see that guy in from here on out I'll be picturing him drunk and reading poetry.

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