Monday, October 22, 2007

The Workout Video to End all Workout videos!

I think I may have just found my new workout video:

"So, what did yo do at the gym today?"
"Well, I did 5 reps of 'Is the taxi on its way?', 10 reps of 'Take anything you want.' and finished with 15 reps of 'I was robbed by two men.'"

Easily the best video since Normlr posted the music video for I Wanna Love You Tender.

Thanks to my ol' chum, E-ven for tipping me off to this gem.


Keshi said...

ty LORD! lol!


Snooze said...

I think I lost weight by laughing so much. I don't see how anyone could actually develop muscle tone or lose fat by such a slo-o-ow video.

tornwordo said...

I love how they can't quite say "next". The xt comes out like an extra syllable. Spare me my life was funny too.

BeckEye said...

Instead of "feel the burn" I guess the instructor says things like "feel the hands of your attacker upon you."


The Phoenix said...

Holy crap.

I think this is a real exercise video, which makes it even funnier.

Dantallion said...

I've seen richard simmons wear the same outfits.