Friday, September 07, 2007

Random Update

Since my last posting...
  1. I had bloodwork done and the results indicate that while my bad cholesterol level (LDL) is normal, my good cholesterol (HDL) level is too low. For someone of my age and build my HDL should be at least 40. My HDL was 38 last year and had dropped to 35. One way to increase HDL level is exercise. My doctor tried to put me on TriCor to get my good cholesterol up but I resisted. She and I made a deal-- she's giving my 6 months to get my good cholesterol up with exercise. If I'm unsuccessful I'll start taking TriCor, if I'm successful, I'll continue exercising and she'll monitor my HDL but let me try to control it with exercise. My objections to TriCor-- even with insurance it's rather expensive and more importantly the side effects sound downright torturous. I'd almost rather be drawn and quartered than suffer through the side effects.
  2. So the skinny on the fitness center: The wife & I have joined XSport Fitness Center, we've been going about 3-4 times per week and working out for 60-65 minutes. I've been burning an average 500-600 calories per trip. The wife is worried that I'm going overkill as I previously led a rather sedentary lifestyle and relied on my high metabolism and a healthy diet to maintain my svelte figure. I split my time between the elliptical machines (for cardio) and the rowing machine (for both cardio and muscle building). Last night I managed to burn 637 calories in 65 minutes (333 caloriesin 35 minutes on the elliptical machine and 304 calories in 30 minutes on the rowing machine). That's a personal best for me and the first time I've ever burned over 300 calories in 30 minutes on the rowing machine.
  3. As a result of #2, I feel more focused and energized.
  4. Last night the wife woke me up from a sound slumber at 12:45 am to change the sheets as they were making her "itch" and keeping her awake. She then opted to read for awhile as she was still tired. I was unable to get back to sleep until about 3 am. So I'm exhausted.
  5. I got rid of my XBox and bought a Playstation 3 last weekend. With my XBox trade-in with games I was able to get a few extra PS2 games and an extra PS3 game. Of all the games I have for it, the one that has proven to be the most fun for the wife & I is Super Rub-a-Dub which was a $6.99 download from the Playstation Network. To put things into perspective for non-gamers, it's akin to buying Microsoft Vista Ultimate and using it primarily for its new and exciting versions of Solitaire.


Susan as herself said...

What's with the itchy sheets? Odd...

That is awesome re: the work at the gym. I would HATE doing that... Although I am sure I will have to face some sort of decision at soem point. My HDL/LDL are currently in an OK range, but it runs on both sides of my family. Doomsday is coming... and I have had high blood pressure (also hereditary) since I was 40. UGH.

Re: the bookclub---sounds fun, and I love stuff like that, but between my lack of real chunks of free time and the fact that I may be giving up the car, I don't foresee it as possible... Perhaps if they ever meet in the city where I could get there by the el or a bus... but that does noit make sense for anyone else. But please tell your wife good luck with it!

Bruce said...

My doctor has me on three separate cholesterol meds at the moment, and there's a possibility I may be on another in the near future. Back in December, my LDL was up around 400(I have a really bad family history heart-wise). The last blood results showed an overall of 254 and an LDL of 180, so it's coming down.
Last week, he ordered a Berkeley Heart test, and the results will be back next week. At that time, he'll decide what else needs to be done.