Thursday, July 05, 2007

Musical Meme

Normally I wouldn't fall prey to a meme... But this one is music-related so I felt compelled to join in the celebration of time wastage:

Musical survey (we have cookies)

Name 5 of your favorite bands:
one: Toto
Two: Chicago
Three: Dream Theater
four: Sons of Champlin
five: Genesis

Fav. songs from each
fav song from one: Just one?!?! Gypsy Train or On the Run I guess.
fav song from two:: Goodbye (although this is constantly changing)
fav song from three:: Again? just one?!?! Endless Sacrifice
fav song from four:: Things Are Gettin' Better
fav song from five;: Firth of Fifth

Randomness about them
Most memorable event with number one:: Seeing them live at the Chicago House of Blues in November 2006. They're also indirectly responsible for me meeting my wife. I met the guy who introduced me to my wife because he was a fellow Toto fan.
Most memorable event with number two:: Going to see them live the first two times with my father in 1993 and 1994. I've seen them several times since. But those first 2 times when it was just my Dad and I... we really bonded so those 2 concerts stick out in my mind more. I also met most members of the band after those 2 concerts.
Fav line from band four: "Reality is just a conception the truth will always replace."
Why do you like three?:: 1) the drumming of Mike Portnoy 2) the song-writing of Kevin Moore 3) the musical chemistry shared by guitarist John Petrucci and keyboardist Jordan Rudess

Rest...about you!!!!
Why did you take this survey:: Because it is music related
Are you tired?:: not really, but my eyes hurt from swimming in my in-law's pool
What time is it?: 3:32 CDT


Dantallion said...

I'm with you on firth of fifth. Any version in particular? Or just the original? Incidentally, I took the plunge and got OSI - you were right - it's pretty brilliant.

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

I can't even decide who my top five are, it changes all the time. I know u2, Bruce and Zeppelin are in it, but can't decide on the last two.


Mike said...


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Jeff said...

I posted my list over on my blog.

The Phoenix said...

I can't even say "Firth of Fifth." I sound like Sylvester the cat. That's dispicable.