Saturday, June 09, 2007

What the hell is happening here?

So today I said something to myself that I never in a million years ever expected to hear myself say (at least not unironically). I'd freshened up and made the bed and then thought to myself... "I'd like to do some gardening. So I went outside pulled out some weeds and watered the plants.

What's happening to me? Are the suburban Gods claiming me as one of their minions? Will I be trading in one or the other of my cars for a minivan? Will I be inviting neighbours over for backyard barbeques?

Oh and speaking of neighbours, yesterday the wife & I met one we hadn't met yet. Toni could tell instantly she was going to get along with this guy as he didn't mince words-- didn't pull any punches. The first thing he said to her (referring to his next-door neighbours), "I thought I'd left the ghetto, I never expected it to follow me and move in next door." Really nice guy though, I got a good and friendly vibe from him.

And speaking of strangeness... Our next door neighbours, who copped to not having done anything with their garden in the 5 years they've been here... they were just outside doing some gardening of their own. Apparently, the care we've taken with the garden in our front yard has inspred them to do something. One of them was just out pulling weeds. I'm not expecting miracles but I'll take the small one I just witnessed, just the same.

And in other random strangeness, I stumbled upon a photo the wife took of me a few weeks ago out on our back patio and I noticed my uncanny resemblance to my mother. In my mannerisms and demeanor I am every bit my father's son. But my wife & mother-in-law have both often commented on my having a stronger physical resemblance to my mother. I never really saw it. I mean I've always felt I had a pretty equal 50/50 mix but in this one particular pictures I was very much my mother's son.


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

where did my comment go?

Dantallion said...

Save yourself: At the very least blast some Dream Theater while you're pulling the weeds (thereby brining a bit more ghetto into the mix).

Awareness said...

Hey Gardener boy!! :)

As a gardening enthusiast....and YES this came as a big surprise to me because I used to run the other way when my parents were waxing poetic about begonias.....I have to say how helpful it is when the need to clear one's head pops up.

I started gardening actually when my kids were that I had something to do when they were playing in traffic on the street.
Since then, I have grown to really enjoy it. I see my front garden right now as I has been like an ever changing canvas...full of perennials and flowering shrubs.... Every year, I take another chunk out of the front lawn to expand has been a labour of lovely creativity, as well as a God send when I really did need to clear my head.

And you know what else, Perplexio? My best ideas for writing happen when I'm doing some mindless weeding. :)

The Phoenix said...

Being outside and growing stuff...yeah, it means we're getting old.

Where have you been, by the way? I can't remember the last time you left one of your witty comments on my site.

David Amulet said...

I trimmed my hedges the other day. Yes, trimmed my hedges--that's not a euphemism. Crazy days, indeed.

-- david