Monday, April 09, 2007

Recalcitrant Eardrum

About ten years ago, when I was a sophomore at Albion College, I was rather active in the discussion of campus politics on one of Albion's online message boards. At one point I raised the ire of someone who opted to hide behind the moniker of Crazy Crust to take potshots at me. So, in response, I created a moniker of my own to hide behind and respond to Crazy Crust... Thus was born, "Anti-Crust."

At one point, one of my fellow students tried to trick me into divulging my real identity by saying she wanted to email me privately to discuss issues I'd brought up on the message board. So I created a yahoo email account to that end.

After Crazy Crust disappared and the need for my Anti-Crust yahoo account disappeared with it, I started using that account for junk email.

I still check it from time to time and am frequently tickled pink by Africans offering to deposit large sums of money from recently deceased distant relatives of mine who list me as a "sole heir" to their fortunes (I'm the youngest of 6 by 12 years and both my parents and several of my cousins are still alive-- so there's no way in hell I'd be the sole heir to any distant relative's fortune-- and being the WASP that I am, I sincerely doubt the existence of any long-lost deceased relatives in Africa), stock tips, penile enlargement offers, adult matchmaking services, etc. etc. What I find so amusing about these blatherings littering my email box are the subject headers which rarely have anything to do with the subject matter of the email being sent.

Today after not checking that account in over a week, and doing one of my routine purges I stumbled upon the delightful subject header of "Recalcitrant Eardrum." This strikes me as a brilliant name for a band-- given the anti-authoritarian overtones I'd guess it would work best as a punk band....

Or maybe it could be an album title of one of the many fictitious band names I've made up over the years... bands like Severe Bowel Movement, Neal Ander-Thaal and the Cro-Magnons, or Nun of the Above....

ORRRRR... maybe I just have an overactive imagination and am far too easily amused. Anyone game for Texas Hold 'Em with a deck of Rorschach cards?


Awareness said...

you are one funny guy......who seems to have the same absurdist sense of humour as me.... that makes us both funny. can't have enough funny.

Recalcitrant Eardrum...excellent name for a band.

I bet most of those spammy emails could conjure up band names....or at least titles for B movies.

I'll play poker with you with a deck of Rorschach cards.... I know how to interpret them...... I took a whole grad. course on Rorschach and his crazy cards. Honest to God, I did.

thank you for your wonderful comments today. they meant a lot.


Dantallion said...

Recalcitrant Eardrum. Sounds like the next album by Liquid Tension Experiment. The visuals for the artwork could be extraordinary lol

Jeff said...

Well I might have to steal that name for one of my future bands. If you happen to see a band with the name of Recalcitrant Eardrum you will know it's me, lol.

Janet said...

I was halfway expecting a rehash of the Crust fest. A Crust bust, if you will.

The Phoenix said...

You have a Royal go take some meds.