Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The products of my hyperactive (or possibly hyper-reactive) imagination...

I've got the curse of a wandering mind and sometimes the products of this wandering mind scare even me. The two most recent products and musings of said imagination:

A men's intimate apparel retail chain -- J. Edgar's Secret

A true crime/travelogue by OJ Simpson detailing his 12 year (and counting) search for the "real killer" throughout Florida's many golf courses (the chapter on how to rent a White Bronco from Hertz is a real page turner)

You've been invited as the "guest of honor" to a "dinner" party hosted by the Donners, do you attend or risk insulting the hosts by skipping it?

Did Pavlov have a doorbell? If so was it a good idea to use it, or would he have advised knocking instead? (and I bet he really hated drunken teenagers playing "DingDong Ditch"!)

If the unabomber submitted his manifesto for publication via mail, who was the unlucky intern who ended up opening that parcel?


St. Dickeybird said...

I don't consider your wandering mind a curse at all! Those are great!

I think OJ's book would make a great film. With Bill Murray in the starring role, hunting the real killer like a groundhog. Sure, Bill's white, but it's not like the story has much fact anyway...

The Phoenix said...

J. Edgar's Secret??? Hahahahahaha...that's awesome.