Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Madness/Loco Lunes

Happy Monday... Moonday/Lunes. Here's a bit of new randomness for this week as my brain isn't able to collate and organize ideas with any success or efficiency whatsoever lately (but it's not going to stop me from trying):

1) My wife subscribes to Marie Claire. This weekend in one of my pilgrimages to the porccelain throne I noticed it sitting face down on the back of said throne-- a heavenly vision on the back cover. It's an ad for Nexxus Shampoo. The woman in the picture is absolutely captivating. She has a classic beauty about her not seen since Liz Taylor in her prime (Liz Taylor in her prime = Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and/or A Place In the Sun).

2) This past summer, after 9 seasons with the Red Wings my then-favorite player, Brendan Shanahan fled for the Big Apple. I bet he wishes he'd stayed in Detroit now. Detroit is only 1 point behind Nashville in the Western Conference and (barring an historic and cataclysmic slump) are assured of a playoff spot and Shanahan's NY Rangers will be lucky if they sneak into the playoffs and even if they manage to sneak in, they'll likely be dispatched within the first round. Naysayers in the off-season were saying the Wings dominance in the Western Conference was likely to be ending as a result of Shanahan's departure and the retirement of the Captain (Stevie Y, 20 years, longest serving captain of any pro sports team in any sport in any league in the world). These guys have proven the naysayers wrong... Go Wings!

3) I've been a Pittsburgh Penguins fan since about 1999 when Jaromir Jagr (now with NY), Martin Straka (also in NY now), Robert Lang (Now in Detroit), Darius Kasparitis (playing in the minors for the Rangers farm team), Alexei Kovalev (now with Montreal), and Tom Barasso (retired) were still on the team and Herb Brooks (the very same Herb Brooks who led Team USA to upset the Russians in the 1980 Olympics) was their coach. The past 6 years have not been good to the Penguins or their fans. By mid-January this year's Penguins had already won more games than they'd won ALL last season and are already playing playoff calibre hockey. Go Penguins! Hopefully the Penguins will be able to stay in Pittsburgh! I'd hate to see them move to Kansas City.... KANSAS CITY?!?!?!

4) Tasteless sports joke of the day: It's too bad A-Rod wasn't on the plane with the late NY Yankees pitcher, Cory Lidle... Then the plane wouldn't have hit anything.

5) Last week I received a $25 gift certificate for My wife and I each picked 1 item to order. She picked the 2007 Grammy Award Nominees CD, I picked Hunters & Collectors Juggernaut CD which I'm waiting for with baited breath. As one of Australia's best kept secrets, I've come to love these guys and I have to respect them for how they "retired." They went into the studio knowing this was going to be their last album. So they just went in and had a blast, putting an exclamation mark on their careers-- burning out rather than fading away. I'll be sure to write a review of Juggernaut for my other blog.


Janet said...

Beware of the beautiful women in female magazines. Oftentimes they are air brushed to the hilt. Real beauty does not often mirror perfection.:)

Awareness said...

real beauty? Watching that young hottie Sydney Crosby skate! Whooosh!

If the Penguins do move, my hope is that they'll head to Hamilton, which is another steeltown....close enough to big bad Toronto the Good for a wonderful rivalry.

St. Dickeybird said...

I remember Hunters & Collectors - They opened for Midnight Oil's 1990 tour. All i remember was that they put on a shockingly good show!