Friday, January 05, 2007

Two Americas

In the 2004 and 2006 elections we were constantly bombarded with the message that there are "Two Americas"-- and depending on who was presenting the message those two Americas were comprised of either the have and have nots or the red and the blue states... This idea was recently presented in the Brain Clouds blog to which I responded:

"Two Americas" is a political and media construct used to further divide the country. There are 2 different Americas-- the one as seen by the media and the politicians who supposedly represent us in Washington and the one the rest of us actually live in.

Because the major news media doesn't understand the concept of shades of gray-- or maybe it's just that they're too lazy to present the shades of gray-- everything is presented in black and white, wait, strike that-- not black and white but blue and red. The truth is that the blue and red are in the minority. Most Americans are Purple-- our beliefs are neither strictly conservative "red" nor are we strictly liberal "blue"-- we're moderate. We see some issues through a red lens and others through a blue one. The red and blue "absolutes" that the media and Washington have created is just an easy way to pigeon-hole and further divide and distract the American people.

After all if they keep us fighting amongst ourselves, who is going to notice that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes? Who will point out that these people we elect to serve us, to represent us are only serving themselves (and perhaps each others bank accounts)?

Last November America made a decision that we wanted our bank accounts raped then pillaged then plundered by Democrats as opposed to being plundered then pillaged then raped by Republicans. The end result is/will be the same. The only thing that will have changed are the mascots and the methods of those stealing our country from its people.


Janet said...

I completely agree. Why does it have to be all or nothing? I see politics like a buffet of rules and regulations. I pick and choose what I want, going back for more of some while disregarding the rest. If I wasn't allowed to mix and match, I don't know what I'd eat, or wear for that matter.:)

Godwhacker said...

Good post!

Snooze said...

You capture the polarization of the parties very effectively.