Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Great Unclehood

As some of you already know, I'm a great uncle-- not great as in "doing a solid job at the whole uncle-ing schtick" but great as in "my brother is already a grandfather." I feel kind of young to already be a great-uncle, but my nephew is only five years my junior and his father, my brother, is fifteen years my senior, so I suppose it's not entirely peculiar.

My brother is a fun-loving kind of guy it takes a lot to move him to the point of tears, but his son was able to do just that by telling him, "Well Dad, we're naming him after you." So as of last November I not only have a brother, Kevin, but also a great nephew named Kevin. This morning before work I dropped my big bro an email asking if he had any recent pics of his grandson as the last I'd seen of the tyke were taken back in late January. So this afternoon he sent me 3 that were taken about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Upon seeing them my heart about melted. The little guy is just too adorable for words (see below). I can't wait to meet him this November:


Susan as herself said...

That kid looks like trouble with a capitol T. Pass me the gin bottle.

(Just kidding. Congratulations!)

LoraLoo said...

That is one cute little guy! Errr, little Kevin! :)

Curare_Z said...

Aww -- he's so cute. I actually have an uncle that is 10 years YOUNGER than while it might feel weird to be a great-uncle...well, it could be worse. :-)

Dantallion said...

Love the mischievous smile. I always get a slight twinge of 'I'm missing out by not having any' when I see pics like that.

St. Dickeybird said...

Yay, congrats!
And yeah, he looks like he's an energetic one.

Perplexio said...

Susan: If he takes after his grandfather and namesake he very well could be trouble with a capital T. hehehe.

loraloo: I so can't wait to meet him.

curare_z: I can't imagine having a nephew or niece that would be older than me.

dantallion: Man, it nearly brought tears to my eyes! My wife & I both want to start having kids soon. My wife wants to start trying now, whereas I want to wait until we're out of our apartment and in our townhome (we close September 1st).

Lucia said...

Your horoscope from The Onion: Thanks to its prevailing visual conventions, you'll have no trouble distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys in your city's upcoming race war.

Keshi said...

OMG he's a heart-breaker!


BarBarA said...

What a little doll!!! And Kevin is my favorite name (therefore I have a son named Keven).

I am a great aunt to a 3 year old and get this - he has an uncle that is only a 1 year old. Weird huh?