Thursday, August 03, 2006

All Men Are Liars

Every day I get 2 daily email updates from both The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne's The Age. In one of those two newspapers is a daily blog by a rather clever Aussie writer, Sam de Brito. I've added de Brito's blog, All Men Are Liars, to the links on my side-bar. I've found it to be incredibly amusing and thoroughly interesting. The blog is somewhat new (only a few days old actually). So reading all of his entries is still a reasonable prospect at this point.

There are some Aussie-centric references that get lost on me, and he does use a bit of antiquated Aussie slang (by his own admission, an attempt to resurrect long-dead Aussie slang terms) that I find thoroughly enjoyable and fully intend to add to my existing lexicon (which probably only serve to confuse and infuriate my friends and family).

Being an "Oztraphile" I'll admit I am a bit biased, but despite my pro-Aussie prejudices and my overabundance of Aussie love, I think even those who aren't generally as pro-Aussie as myself will find de Brito's blog to be quite enjoyable.

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