Thursday, July 20, 2006

So last night while out for dinner at a local seafood restaurant wifey got a call from our friend, P, with the joyous news his wife, S, is pregnant. That makes 2 couples in our circle of friends who are about to enter the realm of parenthood.

Wifey was commenting on its bittersweet nature and her apprehensions that with children in the picture our friends will bond more with each other and less with us. I tried to put those fears of hers to rest reminding her how close we are with said friends and that while things will certainly be different, but we won't get "left behind" and when the time is right we'll be joining them in the realm of parenthood.

I have a feeling her maternal vibes are going to kick in big-time when we're visiting my brother and his family in Virginia this Thanksgiving. One of my nephews has an 8 month old and a 6 year old. We've booked our airfare for that trip already and even booked a hotel room for our first night there. We're planning on spending the day before Thanksgiving sightseeing in DC. Despite traveling the world over, she's never been to DC and I've not been there since the summer of 1993 with the Boy Sprouts of America.

Current Music: Hunters and Collectors - The Most Unoriginal Sin (John Hiatt cover)


:P fuzzbox said...

It will either kick in the vibe or kick it out for good.

Lee Ann said...

Hey! Thank you for coming over. I hope you will come by more often.

barbara said...

Ah, parenthood. I think that when the time comes and they have their babies you and wifey can stay close. Those first few weeks new parents are like - on another plane - but they come back to earth. You know, when you do have kids, you will be blown away by how much you love them. Its unlike anything else.

St. Dickeybird said...

Wifezilla's already hitting that. She took her year-old nephew to a party, and was so happy that she cried.

ps. No need to mention that it's a Hiatt cover. The man writes too many songs, so a lot that you hear on the radio will also be a Hiatt cover.

Perplexio said...

Fuzz: I think it will kick in big time.

lee ann: Welcome, thanks for stopping by, and I've bookmarked your blog so I will be back.

barbara: I've gotten small tastes of that with my nieces and nephews but I know it's on a much different level when those children are your own.

dickeybird: Does that mean that there may be little Dickeyhatchlings in your future?

And on the John Hiatt thing, I s'pose you're right. And man is H&C's cover ever good. They nail it! I listened to it like 3 or 4 times in a row yesterday!

Susan as herself said...

I've never been to DC either. How pathetic of me...

St. Dickeybird said...

I saw H&C live in 1990, opening for Midnight Oil. I have NEVER heard of them outside of that show!
They were very good, I remember that.
And there MAY be a little Dickey. We can't say for sure - we haven't started trying, and Wifezilla's f***ing old.

Perplexio said...

Dickeybird: Some Aussie net-friends of mine recommended H&C to me. At first I wasn't feelin' it but their music has really grown on me. Any band that can get a bunch of rowdy drunken Aussies (female AND male) to sing lyrics like, "YOU DON'T MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I'M A WOMAN ANY MORE" at the tops of their lungs is aces in my book.

I also dig that they put far more emphasis on the electric bass than on the guitar. Their music is very rhythm based.

Snooze said...

It so changes when friends have babies if you don't. I've lost most of my friends and are mainly close to childless people. I like kids, you just end up with very separate lives.