Saturday, July 29, 2006

O Captain, My Captain

Thanks for the memories, Stevie Y!

With the recent announcement of his retirement, Steve Yzerman has capped off a fantastic career. Spending his entire 23 year NHL career as a Red Wing and setting the record for the longest serving captain on any pro-sports team in any pro-sport along the way (he was made the Captain in 1986, and remained so until his retirement).

He played through pain, he played with grit, and he made those who played with him that much better. Not only was he the pinnacle of what professional athletes should strive to be, not only did he posess the moral fibre and character that made him an exceptional role model for youth hockey players across North America-- but he was the picture of what a leader should be. He not only had poise, strength, and honor-- he inspired those qualities in those he played with, many of which considered it a true honor to play at his side.

As his career has come to an end, he has plenty to be proud of-- 3 Stanley Cups and a Gold Medal (with Canada's 2002 Olympic Team). So hat's off and happy retirement to THE Captain, Mr. Hockeytown himself, Steve Yzerman.

(for more on Steve Yzerman check out this article)


The Phoenix said...

Great athlete for sure.

Maybe now people can learn to pronounce his name.

Snooze said...

I want to see a hockey town win again, be it American or Canadian. Enough of this North Carolina crap.

Jeff said...

Stevie Yzerman is the man, I'm not a Red Wings fan (Unfortunately a Rangers fan) but it is impossible not to respect the man. He did great things for hockey and is certainly one of the most important figures in its history. That goal against the Blues in 96' was one of the most amazing goals I've ever seen. Thank You Stevie Y!

Keshi said...

Sounds like he's a true sportsman.