Monday, June 12, 2006

Door County photos

Here are a few of the pictures I promised to post of my Memorial Day weekend trip to Door County, WI.

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Peninsula State Park

The wifey & I near Eagle Bluff Lighhouse with Green Bay in the background

Cana Point Lighthouse

Sunset over Green Bay near Egg Harbor, WI

The dock near the inn wifey & I were staying at. Our new digital camera has a "Sepia" option for taking sepia-toned pictures. Wifey took most of the photos, but this one is all mine. I really dig the effect (at least for this particular photo).


Leazwell said...

Enjoyed the pics, especially the one featuring the pier lamp. The artistic shots are the ones I most like to take. There is this cool cemetary in St. Augustine which you probably know, but it is now off limits to tourists so I didn'tget the shots I wanted.

:P fuzzbox said...

Cool lighthouses.

Bruce said...

Great pics, especially the sunset and dock.

LostInTX said...

Cool lighthouses! I've always been intrigued by them although the abandoned ones are kind of scary.

Susan as herself said...

Great pix! Looks like a nice time.

Bearette24 said...

that is a cool picture. i wonder if my camera has a sepia option.

Door County Observer said...

Really nice photos. You really managed to capture the spirit of Door County. I wish I was an accomplished photographer. I am just to embarassed to use my photos on our Door County website.